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Once upon a time, in an apartment full of books, I created a Disney-themed tag… This video is sponsored by Disney-Hyperion to celebrate the release of THE ISLE OF THE LOST by Melissa de la [More]
Today I attempt to justify my book buying obsession with three “legit” reasons. What are your thoughts on book buying? twitter – goodreads – tumblr –
Today I discuss my reading and book buying habits! This isn’t exactly a tag, but if you want to make a video answering these questions, please go right ahead! 🙂 WHAT What genre do you [More]
DISCUSSING BOOKS AND SERIES THAT I’VE DEEMED REREADABLE! What’s your favorite book to reread? Check out Audible! GO BOOK SHOPPING! I am a book depository affiliate! If you buy books using this link, I [More]
BLINDFOLDS AND BOOK FONDLING AND MANIACAL LAUGHTER — it’s the Blindfolded Book Challenge! With special guest, JesseTheReader! Check out the video we did on Jesse’s channel – Get a free audiobook! I’m blogging [More]
Question answering and general ridiculousness. ENJOY! If you like this kind of video, let me know and I’ll do MOAR! 🙂 Follow me on twitter – Get a free audiobook! GO BOOK SHOPPING! [More]
Today I’m doing the On My Shelf tag! Thanks to everyone who tweeted me random numbers! 🙂 Iain Broome – JesseTheReader – Ariel Bissett – Twitter – Tumblr – Instagram [More]
BOOKS, BOOKS, AND MORE BOOKS! Another huge THANK YOU for the gifts and birthday wishes! I had a fantastic day, and you guys being awesome was a huge part of that! 🙂 Get a free [More]
THE SHAME IS REAL Try Audible and get a free audiobook! – Vlog channel – Snapchat – kat-okeeffe Twitter – Instagram – Tumblr – Goodreads – For business inquiries [More]
GIBBERISH 101 WITH KATYTASTIC AND XTINEMAY–IT’S THE BACKWORDS BOOK TITLE CHALLENGE! 🙂 Get a free audiobook! Challenge originally seen HERE – Christine’s channel – VLOG CHANNEL – Follow me on twitter [More]
Today I’m sharing some tips on how to read more! GO TACKLE THAT TBR! GET A FREE AUDIOBOOK! GO BOOK SHOPPING: I am a Book Depository Affiliate! If you buy books using my [More]
I did the Taylor Swift Book Tag! (I recommend playing her album in the background while you watch this video.) Get a free audio book! VLOG CHANNEL SHENANIGANS – Original tag – [More]
Talking ’bout some of my favorite standalone novels of all time and why you should read ’em! Get a free audiobook! VLOG CHANNEL SHENANIGANS – MENTIONED BOOKS: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline [More]
Today I’m sharing my top ten most owned auto-buy authors! Which authors dominate your shelves? Check out Audible and get a free audio book! GO BOOK SHOPPING: I am a Book Depository Affiliate! [More]
I LOVE THE LOVE BETWEEN THESE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Who are your favorite book couples? Get a free audiobook! GO BOOK SHOPPING! I am a book depository affiliate! If you buy books using this link, [More]
In which I rant about book related things that annoy me for seven and a half minutes. Fun times! Twitter – Goodreads – NaNoWriMo Fundraising –
Today I give you a very long video about how I use Scrivener to help me outline and stay organized while writing. I use a 3 act – 9 block – 27 chapter method to [More]
WHEN YOU HAVE TOO MANY BOOKS AND NOT ENOUGH TIME, YOU GOTTA LET SOME GO… Get a free audiobook! – GO BOOK SHOPPING! I am a book depository affiliate! If you buy books using [More]
GUESS WHAT’S INSIDE THESE BOXES? Every book ever. No, really. Check out Audible and get a free audio book! Goodbye, Amazon Wishlist – HUGE THANKS AGAIN TO: Jessi H. for Half-Blood Chanda M. [More]
COLLABTASTIC! Check out Audible and get a free audio book! FRIENDS: Ariel – Christine – Jesse – Liz – OTHER COLLABS: STORY OF MY LIFE – BOOK SCAVENGER HUNT [More]
Today I’m sharing seven tips that will help improve your writing! More writing related videos are on the way! Chuck Palahniuk’s essay –“thought”-verbs Twitter – Goodreads – Tumblr – Instagram – [More]
I spy with my little eye another round of crazy fun BOOKSPLOSION collabs! Weeeee! Christine’s video – Jesse’s video – Get a free audiobook! – Snapchat – kat-okeeffe Twitter – Instagram [More]
Kat and I play the Inglorious Bastards game where you have to guess the character on your forehead! Thanks for watching! *OPEN FOR A NOTE ABOUT SPOILERS BELOW* We had fun, I hope you enjoy [More]
WELCOME TO NOVELTEA SHOW! for this episode, we’re talking about CREATING CHARACTERS! support us on patreon! – NovelTea is hosted by: kat – alexa – lainey – noveltea – NOVELTEA [More]
Today I’m sharing my top 15 favorite series and trilogies. (I tried to narrow it down to 5 or even 10 books, but it wasn’t happening. I could have made a top 30 to be [More]
LET’S TALK ABOUT OUR FAVORITE BOOK BADDIES! this video includes a paid promotion with disney book group to celebrate the graphic novel adaptation of the first book in the disney descendants series–THE ISLE OF THE [More]