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Today I’m doing the On My Shelf tag! Thanks to everyone who tweeted me random numbers! 🙂

Iain Broome – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p7Dn-7Rp_E
JesseTheReader – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66MULIUZ3uA
Ariel Bissett – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i91zP7Pa9Fg

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Rajesh Bookrider says:

I rewind video so many times just listen you "hello"
I like it…😊

TheReadingWerewolf says:

"It'll probobly end up in the bloopers."

Chloe Jen says:

You should read the queens rising

Jolie Taylor says:

Your bookshelves are amazing!

artsy.rt_ says:

Omg this video made me feel so nostalgic. It’s been like 5 years since my paranormal angel faze where I binge read angel books all summer and it was so weird seeing some of those again. Totally agree with what you said though, Fallen is so awful (even back then I thought so) but I remember loving Unearthly and have the other two somewhere on my book shelf. Definitely need to get round to those 😀

Professor Cue's College of Books says:

WOW, YOU ARE THE FIRST PERSON I HAVE SEEN TALK ABOUT UNEARTHLY IN A BOOKTUBE VIDEO. Granted, I have not been watching booktube for long, BUT STILL, IT'S A FANTASTIC SERIES. I still need to read the third book TBQH. I started it, got fairly far, but then dropped it because I got caught up in other things books…I;m gonna try and pick it back up soon. But excellent video!!

Crystal Pypers says:

I will always love fallen and the movie is cool

Jam Dubuisson says:

I didnt like the dual point of view either!!!

mariel ramirez says:

wow you're learning korean? why? do you watch dramas?

Ilsen Leon says:

Ok I'm three years late but I personally love the Fallen series. I would totally read it again just to get a new perspective on it but it was good in my opinion. I loved the main characters and the story and the side characters. I enjoyed it. (Please tell me I'm not the only one)

/ / m o l l y says:

I agree with u on allegiant

Lisa Fuller says:

I have read all but one of the books in Cynthia Hands series. It's one of the few love triangle novels that I can tolerate. Although it's clearly a made up story it's a bit realistic In how this triangle formed. I won't give it away but it's the ending of the second book I think that really made me cry. Cynthia Hands description of the main characters loss is just so heartbreaking! It could make you relate to the loss.

Hermione Malfoy says:

Katy:*Picks up allegiant

Me:*Starts crying, bawling, screaming, running around yelling at Veronica Roth*

TheRealKellinQuann 69 says:

give fallen another shot it gets cool

TheRealKellinQuann 69 says:

unearthly is the best i also read hallowed but i need to get boundless

Cassie Johnson says:

Fallen is the best book in the world, so I am told, I never read it before, but I hear so much good stuff about it, I would like to own the book one day, so I can read it. I might see if my local library has it.

Nicole Redimano says:

Bookshelf tour 2016 pleaseeeee

Mel Lane says:

Omg you have the black dagger brotherhood!!!

Marsh says:

I wish I could steal all your books and read through them all before returning them, I just get stuck on books all the time

Kay H says:

4 20 is my bday

Rachel Ke says:

To have all those books, I am so jealous

Moon Prism Pages says:

Omg you're learning KOREAN???
I love you even more, of course because i'm korean :DD!!

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