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BOOKS, BOOKS, AND MORE BOOKS! Another huge THANK YOU for the gifts and birthday wishes! I had a fantastic day, and you guys being awesome was a huge part of that! 🙂

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bookaholic/gameaholic/vlogaholic 101 says:

Your book seems longer for words of Radiance

Elana ALDC says:

Hi! I know you're against recommending books based on age but I'm curious. I'm 13 years old, and have been reading YA books since I was 11. I've read lots of books with heavy swearing, graphic violence, and moderate sex(nothing graphic, but it's definitely there). My parents are okay with this, as long as I don't carry it into real life. I'm very interested in Colleen Hoover books because of how much you and Christine rave about them. Any people in the comments give me the thumbs up or thumbs down???

ongthebooktube says:

birthday! I will make a sedition with my mom to bye me some book every mouth (4-5 books) for my birthday till my next birthday !👑📚

Zainab I says:

When Kat said Four: A Divergent collection of four short stories by Veronica Roth I immediately thought CHRISTINE!!!!

Pin Hat says:

Kat:Long and hard
Me:Thats what she said

Shadowhunter 1 says:

Mines on the 19th

Zeena Omer says:

Kat: This is a gift from Ferdinand.
Grover: Uncle Ferdinand, is that you????

ashley says:

Can you do an updated bookshelf tour

s u n k i s s e d s t a r s says:

Anya's ghost is soooo good, kinda creepy and weird but awesome!

Karen Sayegh says:

How many books do you own and how do you read all of then

Dutch Book Chick says:

Still IN LOVE with this video! Inspired me to do a Birthday Book Haul as well… in December tho! Haha! Please keep making videos, I am IN LOVE with your channel! You really motivate me to make more videos and share the book love! Stay awesome! <3 Hugs from the Netherlands!

Nicole Swick says:

your like me I love books

it's over nerdthousand says:

oh, good you got the awesome edition

yamstation says:

Happy birthday

Yaritza Jimenez says:

What is the name of the K book?

Georgia Boyette says:

I was only 2 seconds in and immediately hit subscribe.

Dina Hyari says:

I love Love , Rosie ❤️❤️❤️ it was such an amazing book

abbe owings says:

is your birthday in February

Ishama Marium says:

i want alll of brandon sanderson booooks as welll!!!

holistic79 says:

What will u do with the books when u grow out of YA

luna - says:

You uploaded a birthday video on my birthday! 😂

ShivaSheaWritesBooks says:

Katytastic- hey how are you! I love your videos and was wondering if you had any recommendations for new fantasy series that I can look into?

anartisttravels says:



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