7 Tips to Improve Your Writing!

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Today I’m sharing seven tips that will help improve your writing! More writing related videos are on the way!

Chuck Palahniuk’s essay – http://litreactor.com/essays/chuck-palahniuk/nuts-and-bolts-“thought”-verbs

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Lola Garcia says:

When you write in french and you can't really use the advices :/

Matrinna Woods says:

Great advice. Although I try to keep my stories short, lazy writing is the worst comment I would want to get. Therefore, frantically running around my condo late for work–>…I ran from room to room at my condo, hobbling on one shoe on, desperately searching my closet for the right blouse or just one that wasn’t too wrinkled, I was going to be a bit late for work if I didn’t hurry.

This is a bit better. Still needs work….maybe.

Kuro Katamari says:

Am I the only one here because I'm actually writing something and not because "OOOOH SHE'S HAWT LOLLOLOL!"? God, Neurotypicals. It's sad. I'm just trying to write a Katamari Fanfiction.

Linnea Andersen says:

you look so much like Lily from "how i meet your mother" i love it😊 thank you for the tips

Ahmed Choudhary says:

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Mac Bizzo says:

the tip about show v tell regarding emotion was a solid point.

Johnathan Lannister says:

hey it's Lilly from HIMYM 😀

Mymoona Sarr says:

I liked this video at Exactemt 1:20 don t need to finish watching.. It s like a thriller im 👀 watching

ScrapHappy says:

Thanks for explaining this so clearly with good examples. I appreciate your recommendation of the article too.

Kalim Schiantarelli says:

I read the essay, thank you!!!

Kelly Seastar says:

I've been writing for about a decade and I still struggle with "show don't tell"

emma smith says:

Thank u so much! This is extremely helpful

Jimmy B says:

This video was very helpful. Thanks! I'm not a fan of the term "lazy writer," which is thrown around frequently on the net. The term implies that such a writer knows better but chooses not to make the effort. I think it's more a case of ignorance.

john clhugyugihjbvgbkj says:

Alyson Hannigan? 🤓🧠 💝

Al Paca says:

I remember when this one came out 😳 4 years ago… Wow, time flew 😲 That's when I was trying to become a writer 😅

Cassius Felix says:

I Use To Watch Her Videos All The Time

Emily Miller says:

I cannot thank you enough.
So I'll just say…
Thank you!!

T.k. Nunez says:

Thank you pal! I’m a beginner writer and your tips are pretty helpful!

Nadia li says:

You are soooo cute
Thx for your tips

William M says:

This cute grasshopper doesn't blink!

Rutik Katare says:

Yes.. She finally blinked once i think at the end of video and winked during that hand move.

Elham Rahman says:


Hood Jesus says:

You look like the girl from How I Met Your Mother, Lily was her name.

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