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Kat and I play the Inglorious Bastards game where you have to guess the character on your forehead! Thanks for watching! *OPEN FOR A NOTE ABOUT SPOILERS BELOW*
We had fun, I hope you enjoy it too!

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Spoilers note: Hi guys, so yes there are Allegiant spoilers in this video, and i’m sorry if you ended up hearing the end of the book before you had actually read it. FIRSTLY i just want to get this out there, i don’t care if you were spoiled THE BOOKS HAVE MORE TO THEM THAN THAT ONE SPOILER. THEY’RE STILL WORTH READING AND NOTHING HAS BEEN “COMPLETELY RUINED.” When I put up this video it was after 24 hours of me purely sitting at a computer editing for hours upon hours to make sure this video is entertaining and funny and not an hour long. When I finished the video I was utterly exhausted. I wanted to get it out to you guys asap. I hadn’t had much sleep and I just posted it. I’M SORRY I DIDN’T HAVE A SPOILER WARNING. I was so exhausted I wasn’t even thinking about it.
A few weeks ago I spent a butt load of time making a video from the Divergent Premiere in Chicago, which did have a spoiler warning in big capital letters in the description, yet I still tons of cruel comments blaming me for ruining everything for them and being a “fucking bitch” because “no one reads the description” which is really disheartening. After spending hours upon hours making something I’m proud of…most of the comments were people yelling at me about divergent. Anyhow so back to this video, I put it up and then I left it because I had a million things to do that I’d been neglecting to do because I’d spent the last 3 days editing . And then I come back to a million comments about me ruining their lives by spoiling Allegiant. Again, I’m sorry you were spoiled. That sucks. BUT IT HASN’T “RUINED EVERYTHING.” If you look at this from a logical viewpoint, Allegiant has been out for 5 months. It was a huge release. SPOILERS ARE EVERYWHERE. if you really care about not being spoiled why haven’t you read it? If you’re reading it right now, why are you on the internet perusing a community that excitedly talks about books as soon as they come out? I get spoiled all the time over here. People drop spoilers in my comments like it’s nothing. And I hate it, but it’s not their fault, I want to be here and it’s a side effect of being part of a book loving community. If there’s something I care about enough, I have to disconnect. I have to live as a hermit and read that book as soon as humanly possible to avoid spoilers. I had no choice but to read Allegiant in one day if I didn’t want to know how it ended. And now it’s been 5 months and people are calling me an “inconsiderate bitch” because they got spoiled ON BOOKTUBE 5 months later while Divergent is peaking in popularity. Shailene recently spoiled Allegiant in a huge press conference, like she said…. the end is out there. It’s all over the internet. If you don’t want to be spoiled you have to take precautions like the rest of us did. Anyhow i’m sorry if you got spoiled but please stop yelling at me. =(

PS if you think you were spoiled for the Infernal Devices you weren’t. Read the books they’re absolutely fantastic.

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