Best Books of 2018 || Top Favorite Books I've Read All Year!

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2018 is almost done so it’s time for me to share my top favorite books I’ve read this year! Here are the 10 best books I’ve read in 2018! I will be posting my Worst, Most Surprising and Most Disappointing videos very soon so don’t forget to subscribe! If you’re looking for the best books to read and book recommendations you’ll find some here! From the best fantasy and sci-fi books I’ve read to the best historical fiction and chick lit! There are also a bunch of debut authors to discover!
What are your favorite books you’ve read in 2018?

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BookswithEmilyFox says:

What are the best books you’ve read this year?

passiongypsy says:

Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Troian Bellisario.

Gizem Ersoy says:

what the heck is she saying at the very begining? " ggfgrghjgdfb"?? Emily Fox

Cynthia Laflamme says:

t'es française?????

G P says:

Je triche parce que je suis pas mal certaine d’avoir découvert cette série en 2017 et non en 2018, mais je ne lis presque plus de livres, et malgré tout la série Captive Prince de CS Pacat m’a … captivée 😂 (désolée je n’ai as pu m’en empêcher!)
Si tu es tannée des fantasy répétitives, je donnerais une chance à cette série.
Résumé: Damen, le prince héritier de son royaume (vaguement inspiré de la Grèce antique), est trahi par son demi-frère et secrètement envoyé comme esclave pour servir le prince du royaume ennemi voisin (vaguement inspiré de la France). Damen devra trouver comment survivre dans sa nouvelle position, alors que le dévoilement de son identité pourrait lui être fatal et que les apparences sont trompeuses… Avertissement: c’est plutôt rated R (violence sexuelle et autres « triggers » se trouvent dans l’histoire, mais je ne veux pas en dire trop. Les reviews sur Goodreads en parleront sûrement si c’est un point sur lequel tu veux t’informer avant de lire! Mais selon moi, il y a probablement pire ailleurs)
Il ne faudrait surtout pas réduire cette série au « trope » de maître/esclave à mon avis. C’est un thriller politique qui met en scène deux pays voisins et ennemis avec deux cultures très différentes, entres autres à ce qui a trait à la sexualité. L’intrigue est 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 à mon avis. C’est un livre qu’on commence et qui est difficile à reposer avant d’avoir fini! 😆
Difficile de cacher que les personnages principaux vont développer une relation amoureuse, mais c’est très bien fait à mon avis et ça ne prend pas le dessus sur l’intrigue.
Par contre, je conseillerais de ne pas s’arrêter après le premier livre; c’est réellement une seule histoire racontée en trois livres, et il faut continuer pour vraiment apprécier l’intrigue et le développement des personnages à son maximum 🙂 de toute façon les livres sont plutôt courts, donc ça n’est pas bien long à lire 😉

Saconi12 says:

The Children of Time. Great read. The Humans. Pretty good. I bought and added to my TBR Evelyn Hugo, Red Sister, Grey Sister, The Poppy War, The Fifth Season, Circe, Children of Blood and Bone. Will buy 7 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle.

crazybiogeek says:

If you liked the Matt Haig book, I recommend another of his books- "How to Stop Time". It was one of my favorites of 2018.

Jessica says:

Children Of Time is on my list! It sounds so good 💕

Kathleen Pua says:

not book related; i am so into your lipstick!

Amélie Boucher says:

I recently read The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and ABSOLUTELY loved it! I'm not much of mystery/thriller fan, but this one was just SO good!

Lady Adalia says:

Deamon = Spirit Animal 😂😂

Niti Mohan says:

The Sven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo seems so similar to book Susanna's Seven Husbands by Ruskin bond written in 2011

Katieishere says:

I've recently got super super fussy with books I don't know Why, especially after the cruel Prince cause i loved it so much. I need a list of books that are good to get back into reading with hahaha

Maegan Petrin says:

Read “Winter’s Promise”! It’s amazing and not your typical fantasy 🙂

A Blackbird's Books says:

His Dark Materials is so good, I put it on my favourite list as well. I was so impressed by the whole trilogy and how complex it is, especially the last book. The first is definitely my favourite though.
The Seven Husbands is going to be a priority for 2019, because so many booktubers adored it! Also, The Fifth Season sounds so incredible, I think I need it!

Kaillen Dee says:

Children of time just made it to my TBR.

Connie Smith says:

Red Sister sounds like Grave Mercy done right

Kelly Ann Teague says:

I have tried to read Red Sister several times in the last year. I am not sure if I am just not in the right head space for the story when I pick it up, (which happens a lot with me. I can pick something up more than once and not be interested and later on devour the thing) or if I just really cannot get into Mark Lawrence's writing which I've tried reading more than once as well. My sister is a big fan of his and this is easily one of her favorite ongoing series right now but idk. I usually really like what you have to say about books so perhaps this just means I'll need to give it another try. Also The Fifth Season was amazing. Shout out to black fantasy/Sci-fi writers. We need this!!

jada j says:

Who’s the author for poppy war? Can’t watch the video, just listened to it, and I don’t think the author was mentioned unlike the other books.

Rachael Thomson says:

I think you'll love "Station Eleven," it's gorgeous fiction.

Kirjakauris says:

I loved Children of Time despite being terrified of spiders, which in itself is a testament to Tchaikovsky's superior writing! I can't wait for Children of Ruin to come out in May (I might cry if it gets delayed ;__;)

TheAwesomestAmber says:

Thank god Booktopia has Afterpay.

with cinnamon, please says:

His Dark Materials sounds amazing, I need to read it! I really enjoyed Evelyn Hugo too 🙂
Evelyn Hardcastle has a lot of mixed reviews, but it sounds amazing to me! great video ^^

Aidan Reed says:

oooh I put many of these on my to-read list! Thank you!

Zoe Davies says:

I loved The Humans so much this year that I got into a kind of Matt Haig obsession. That book means so much to me. It's probably my favorite book of the year.

Subscription Box Addict says:

… adding to my Amazon shopping cart while you speak … there are a few that I desperately need to read anyways and a few I had on my wishlist until now – sounds like I need to prioritize a few books here! I totally love your recommendation videos most because you seem to love and hate the same tropes that I do 😀

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