THE BEST BOOKS I'VE EVER READ! / my favorite books 2017!

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THE BEST BOOKS I’VE EVER READ! / my favorite books 2017!
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Laila YT says:

3:20 so, if u are european but not british, then u are not white?

Melia Wolf says:

I highly recommend Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry! It's about a girl who has scares on her arms from a night with her mother that she cannot remember. Whilst trying to figure it out she meets a boy who is the typical bad boy but he's in foster care and is trying to get custody of his little brothers. It's switches between the points of view and it's probably my favourite book

Natálie Vildová says:

tell the wolves I'm home is the best book ever

Hedvig Jones says:

Himlen börjar här är såå braa

ice souls says:

Jag är nästan klar med "i'll give you the sun" boken är sjuukt bra och jag är väldigt taggad på att läsa ut den 🙂 Ska dock läsa hennes andra bok också 🙂

Tova 04 says:

OMG, is the first book is in swedish? Or is it just the title?


Emma are most of the books you like fiction??

Isabella Rose says:

Your channel is like a cosy corner and I love it💗

Merrill Jayne says:

Imma read these books! Your videos are so aesthetically pleasing! How do you filter your videos and what filter?

Sandra Axelsson says:

Notes from the underground!

Dorazymon Nomeador says:

Who da f@ck tosses their book away such ruthlessly? Sorry but I don't like this act

Maya Bundy says:

fun fact: none of the brontë siblings had any children but i am directly related to the aunts and uncles of the brontës and so basically i am as related to emily brontë as u can be that was badly explained but u know what i mean 😅

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