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Hey guys! Today i decided to show my intense appreciation for the Peanuts Movie and The Captain Underpants movie, i dived deep into what makes them so good…. The Animation,The Story, The Random Humor WORKING. [More]
This is a list of my 15 favorite science fiction books, as of September 2022. My selection criteria were a mishmash of all the variables you might imagine. There is no strict litmus or set [More]
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It’s time to rank the Jane Austen adaptations from worst to best. For this list, we’ll be looking at some of our favorite on-screen versions of Jane Austen’s novels – and also the adaptations that [More]
Sign up to Milanote for FREE: https://milanote.com/jennamoreci0622 This video is sponsored by Milanote. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL NOW! https://bit.ly/subscribetojenna What is genre, anyway? It’s a category of artistic composition, and it’s also something a ton [More]
Want to make and build your own Robots or teach Robotics to your kids, these new and improved Avishkaar ER Series Pro and Advanced Robotics Kits are the best to start with. I have shown [More]
June 2021 is packed with new books to read from dark scifi, Sapphic fantasy and dragonslaying YA. Here’s everything worth keeping an eye on. Books mentioned: 📖For The Wolf: https://amzn.to/3xLsHpA 📖The Chosen And The Beautiful: [More]
Top 30 Best Selling Book | Book Sales Comparison | Useful Data Are you curious about the best-selling books of all time? Wonder what genres are most popular? This informative video takes a look at [More]
In this video, I have provided a solution to all my learners who are not able to learn English as fast as they want. In addition to this, I have also reviewed 4 books on [More]
Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky wrote the best damn sci fi I’ve read in a LONG time, and this little video might be able to show you why. Do you like beautifully written thematically [More]
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Today we take a look at the top 10 best selling fiction books of all time !! In this video we’ll try to answer the following questions: Which are the most sold books ever? What [More]
In this video, I share the best books to sell on Amazon from over 5 years experience. Here you will learn some tips and tricks to make money on amazon selling used textbooks on Amazon. [More]
What is your favorite Jane Austen movie adaptation? Did it make my list? I rank from worst to best Jane Austen movies and miniseries in this video. I include famous ones like Pride and Prejudice [More]
Must-Read Books : 1. How to Win Friends and Influence People:https://amzn.to/30xA4ov 2. The Psychology of Money: https://amzn.to/3BPw4gJ 3. Varsity: https://zerodha.com/varsity/ 4. Atomic Habits: https://amzn.to/3mVqwLC 5. The School of Life: https://amzn.to/3aHtEVv Self Growth : 1. The [More]
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10 BEST HORROR BOOKS EVER WRITTEN | my top horror book recommendations 2022 Hello creeps! I wanted to make a video discussing my favorite horror books that I’ve ever read. I’m sure a few of [More]
After exhausted research into which books were the absolute favorites of BookTubers in 2021, I read a few of the top picks for myself to see if they really are the best. Another Turning is [More]
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Best Detective Novels To Buy In 2021 List Mentioned In The Video With Amazon Product Link to Buy : ► Detective by Arthur Hailey – https://amzn.to/3mWYUo4 ► Vanishing Girls: A totally heart-stopping crime thriller – [More]
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Gary Oldman is just one reason to watch Apple TV+ Gem Slow Horse, the best in the genre since The Night Manager, and HBO’s How to Survive a Pandemic for COVID-19 Vaccine sheds ‘happy tears’ [More]
Malayalam book review മലയാളത്തിലെ മികച്ച ചില കുറ്റാന്വേഷണ നോവലുകളാണ് പരിചയപ്പെടുത്തുന്നത് . വാങ്ങാനുള്ള ലിങ്ക് താഴെ: 1. ഭാസ്ക്കരമേനോൻ – അപ്പൻ തമ്പുരാൻ https://www.amazon.in/Bhaskara-Menon-Malayalam-Appan-Thampuran-ebook/dp/B01MXFRZGJ 2. കാലാ ചോർ – ദുർഗാ പ്രസാദ് ഖത്രി https://www.indulekha.com/kalachor-novel-durgaprasad-khathri 3. അജ്ഞാത സഞ്ചാരി -നീലകണ്ഠൻ പരമാരാ 4. ഷെർലക് ഹോംസ് [More]
RPG Review – Mindjammer. Perhaps the best Science Fiction TTRPG ever written. Those of you who follow me might know I am pretty obsessed with Mindjammer, the master piece that Sarah Newton has written to [More]