My 10 Favorite Books I've Read in 2018

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Videos about slave/master morality:

Manuel DeLanda lectures:

Book links:

The Accursed Share:
PDF of the first chapter (not sure why I said “first 3 chapters” in the video):

The Genealogy of Morals:

Philosophy and Real Politics:

A New Philosophy of Society:

Are Prisons Obsolete?:

Capitalist Realism:

How to Read Lacan:

Nietzsche and Philosophy:,%20Nietzsche%20and%20Philosophy-1.pdf

Gilles Deleuze: An Introduction:
PDF of the first chapter:

Ghosts of My Life:


Cuck Philosophy says:

So I probably shouldn't have called Nietzsche a misogynist without any qualification. His stance on that is pretty ambiguous, and he has said contradictory things, so that's something that would merit an entire discussion on its own.

Charles Apthorp says:

Wheres the 2020 video you bandit, you got 4 days left!

Leopoldo Maldonado V. says:

Have you ever tried Phillip K Dick's Do androids dream with electric sheep? I think it might be of use for your ontological structuration of Baudrillard's and postpunk philosophical items.

yeti_spaghetti says:

Hey, Cuck Philosophy. Don’t know if you get around to reading all of these comments, but I was wondering if you have thought about doing another video giving some more book recommendations?

I imagine you’re probably busy with other projects. I have really enjoyed your book recommendations and your perspective on them.

JimBo Headspace says:

Ideas too big, changing too quick, must shutdown. I am back, thanks.

X Y says:


fqef vwdv says:

Of course reading Lacan is difficult, it's complete gibberish and he's a Fraud (like all the psychanalysts).. That's so funny to watch pretentious smug relativist leftist try to look smart and profound. Just look to his "formula of sexualisation"..It's complete non-sens and have no meaning at all. It's just mathematic indimidation, your gourou is a charlatan…

Conny Kousen says:

yo, i LOVE that de landa book!! total a brutal counter to the lobster-hierarchy understanding of society so prevalent. check out 1000 years of nonlinear history of you haven't!

Shehzad Ali says:

I don't think that Bataille is as persuasive as Rene Girard on the idea of sacredness. Girard is much better in this regard.

Sz Fenek says:

I don't want to sound rude and I hope I won't but isn't postmodenism an examle of neglected need of trascendence and its sublimation create this theolgy made up on culture ? Sorry for language mistakes.

Alan Paul says:

Thank you for this. I have never heard of Bataille – I will have to give him a read.

On a side note I am really disturbed by the use of the term "Continental" I have personally decided not to use it.

karl dehaut says:

I just want to know if you've read L'érotisme de G Bataille. This book largely inspired M Foucault. Above that, it's useful for understanding more deeply the accursed part. I'm happy to know that Bataille is read today.

Erik Jo says:

I don't agree with Nietzsche being misogynistic; Sexist at best. He has a lot of respect for the woman e.g. proclaims the woman as the intellectual and man the passionate in Human all too human, and that essentially women are better at controlling etc. Then again, it stems from an archaic view of the female, but it is not misogynistic. Edit: I just saw that someone else commented this below.

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