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Harold the Fox LOVES solving Mysteries. Can Harold save the party and find the missing birthday cake. Join us and find out what happes as we read The Mystery of the Missing Cake by author [More]
looking back i think i might have been experiencing something akin to stockholm syndrome with the elf king and fae prince but oh well lmao – definitely not books i’ll ever return to but if [More]
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Obviously the Bible is number 1, but this list is for those who would like read more Christian books instead of spending too much time on social media. A top 10 Christian book list for [More]
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy audiobook by John Le Carré. Read by Michael Jayston. Abridged Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – The Cold War is on and there is a Russian mole in the British Secret Intelligence [More]
In this video, I’m giving more book recommendations. This time, we’re discussing philosophical science fiction novels. I include a few science fiction classics, like Foundation by Asimov, and a few of my personal favorites as [More]
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Hi friends and welcome to vlogmas No.8! I had so much fun putting this list together of atmospheric snowy reads perfect for this time of year. Hopefully you can find a new gem to snuggle [More]
Inspired by the wonderful Cari Can Read: Kingdom of the Wicked liveshow: today we are ranking all the 50+ Young Adult Fantasy books i’ve read in my life to give you an overview [More]
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