Priyanka Chopra Jonas' Bookshelf Tour: See Her Favorite Reads! | Shelf Portrait | Marie Claire

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas gives us a peek at her bookshelves! The author of the new memoir “Unfinished” shares some of her all-time favorites and dishes on her reading habits, her fictional crush and much more. More Shelf Portrait:

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Marie Claire says:

Have you read any of Priyanka's favorite books?

Thushara Sagar says:


Susan Dee says:

Do Oprah's library


Amnesty : Aravind Adiga
Home Going : Yaa Gyasi
Unfinished : Priyanka Chopra
Becoming : Michelle Obama
Black Beauty : Anna Sewell
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone : J. K. Rowling
Letters from a Father to His Daughter : Jawaharlal Nehru

Wicked Weekee says:

Beautiful both inside and outside

Jisha Gopinadhan says:

I saw che guevara by jon lee anderson

book reading zahira says:

very good books tnx for share friend

Karin says:

Love this series, would love to see Pedro Pascals shelf!

Raya says:

Anyone looking for friends to talk about books? I'm here for you. Let's talk about books 🥰

Shreya Sanjay says:

I love watching book videos of famous people I admire and when I have a book they have I get uncontrollably excited and I don't know why
The same thing happened while watching this video as I have becoming by Michelle Obama and Harry Potter ❤️❤️

Shreya Sanjay says:

The white tiger was great❤️

Sangeeta Mukherjee says:

My Potterhead Indian heart was jumping in joy when she mentioned Harry Potter…😭😭😭😭😭

Margaux Da Silva says:

Thanks for uploading the video … I am about to go for a meeting with my hair shampoo in the shower, be right back with the scoop … :P.

Y Z says:

These videos have such inconsistent audio

Fabulous.Snowflake BOOKS says:

Started to like her a bit because of the fact that she has her own library. Goals.

gitu pappu says:

U r so much like SSR. so why didn't you act with him???

Krishna Chaudhary says:

"Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban" is my favourite childhood movie

Manaal Siddiqui says:

I loved her recommendations. Definitely adding Homegoing to my TBR.

Shruti Mahant says:

Yup! When she mentioned Harry Potter we all had head explosions. My love for two worlds collided, Priyanka and the Wizarding World.

Shweta Bhosale says:

Oh the book she referred (Home going) is one of the books in my tbr…. I'm surely gonna start reading that very soon!

Amit Raissoni says:

Can anyone share which book club she spoke about before Sonali Bendres and Oprahs.

Amit Raissoni says:

Amazing…would like to know about all the great books she grew up reading. More book tours with PC plz

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