Laura Harrier's Bookshelf Tour: James Baldwin, Zadie Smith & More | Shelf Portrait | Marie Claire

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What’s Laura Harrier been reading lately? The “Hollywood” actress invites us into her home for a tour of her gorgeous bookshelf, which doubles as a bar! Get a peek at her favorite books, including James Baldwin and Zadie Smith, and learn all about her literary habits, from why she loves reading in a bikini to exactly how many times she’s read Harry Potter (hint: it’s a lot).

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Laura’s new series “Hollywood” is streaming now on Netflix, so once you’ve binged it, curl up with one of her wonderful book recommendations and let us know what you think.

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Katia Jannai says:

Deadass I'm in love with her based solely in her taste in books 😭🤚🏼

Kristen says:

the taste is out of this world

maritareads says:

4:11 girl…

Ellen Fanning says:

someone please tell me what tarot book that is x

mary gormly says:

she’s so well read wow

Aarushi Gupta says:

she has such good taste in books im in love with her

Y Z says:

She's gorgeous

Maia says:

Ok girl why are you so beautiful 😍😍😍

Aisling says:

Great collection

Laura Medina says:

how does this video only have 10 comments? she's amazing

Adasunssss says:

Such a brilliant reader. She has got all my faves! Lovit lovit

sarah says:

How is this woman 30 like I can’t believe it

Gilmar Fonsêca Júnior says:

james baldwin and chinua achebe??? laura, marry me!!!

adiroots says:

Love 'Things Fall Apart". One of my favourite books. Read it for the first time in 8th grade. And again in my early twenties. Simply profound.

Lori Ann White says:

The African Trilogy Will change your life! RIP CHINUA ACHEBE🖤❤️💚

abbs smiles says:

I still need to read When Things Fall Apart

James says:

oop, i don’t want JK in my home lol

Marie Claire says:

Have you read any of Laura's favorite books? Tell us what you thought!

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