Lana Condor's Bookshelf is Stuffed with Amazing Thrillers | Shelf Portrait | Marie Claire

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Lana Condor takes us on a tour of her bookshelf! She shares some of her favorite reads of all time, from the thrilling to the hilarious, and a few very special “To All The Boys” mementos. More Shelf Portrait:

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Marie Claire says:

Have you read of any Lana's favorites? 📚

Gwen Hughes says:

She moved to Seattle??! Are you saying I could run into Lana Candor on the street?

Talitha Warren says:

Yay adore her sweetness and very soft voice. I wanna read what she reads a d see what I think. Cute bookshelf Lana her personality is so calm and relatable. ✨💕

Keeshia Gaviola says:

Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman or Emma Watson next please! 🥺

Prerana Bhatt says:

finally a famous person who reads more thrillers. We love to see it. Also I see "Untamed" , amazing book. Adding rest to my never ending TBR pile.

bharjil barman says:

Timothee chalamet's would be epic

Puleng Moletsane says:

She likes Harlan Coben? A cultured queen.

marie lapitan says:


mavis ary. says:

Nicole Richie and Kaia Gerber plsss

Chelsea B says:

I'm definitely going to read those thrillers she suggested. I love crime/thriller genre of books.

Carolt_reads says:

Omg thank you so much for making this video! I had so much fun reading like Lana Condor for my newest video!💗

Margot Oleksak says:

I think Jim Parsons must have an amazing library ! He would be a great guest to do a shelf portrait.

Tea says:

Can you please do Harry Styles

Kaitlyn Knee says:

I love this video! I definitely had to add some books to my tbr list! You all should please consider having Taylor Swift and Harry Styles on to each do a bookshelf tour

Katie A says:

Watching this as a quick break while reading No Exit. Please be Darcy and make this a movie!!!

Nancy Lopez says:

No exit is soooo good!

Christina Campbell Books says:

Definitely adding some of these thrillers to my TBR! 🖤

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