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Yooo sorry this video is so late I finally beat my first full run of Hades tonight on stream and it went way longer than I thought LMAO Enjoy this video!! I’ve wanted to make [More]
here it is finally! Every book I own! Re-organize my bookshelves with me and see the whole collection😁💪📚 main channel: instagram: ⭐️girlypop merch:
These were the last books left to tour – a smallish but eclectic variety of “real world” topics that interest me. Let me know if you’ve read any of them or similar books you’d recommend! [More]
I take you all on a tour of my new bookshelf set up. ENJOY YA GOBLINS! BREACH OF PEACE LINKS: Amazon: (physical/ebook) Audible: B&N: (physical/ebook) Book Depository: (physical) Google: (ebook) [More]
Welcome to my vintage horror paperback bookshelf tour! We will be taking another deep dive into my Paperbacks from Hell collection, featuring many creepy retro books from Zebra Books, Pinnacle Books, Leisure, Pocket Books, Tor, [More]
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#readtravelbecome #BookShelfTour #BookCollection ULTIMATE BOOKSHELF TOUR 🔥🔥 || Read Travel become Bookshelf Tour Hey you beautiful people! As promised, here is the video you guys have been asking for a long time I am sorry [More]
✨ Go to or text ‘lavender’ to 500 500 to get your free 30 day trial! ✨ Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing amazing. 🙂 Here is a highly requested bookshelf tour – I [More]
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decided to talk about a few of my favourite books and give you guys a shelf tour 🙂 ___________ s o c i a l s : ig : dump acc : ig [More]
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hi besties! I just finished reorganizing my books so i figured it be fun to do a bookshelf tour!!! let me know which book from my shelf is YOUR favorite! ily! 👇🏻 all links below [More]
Welcome to my Bookshelf Tour 2021. In this video you will find thrillers, horror books, sci-fi books, spy books, mysteries, and nonfiction books. Check out the following Bookshelf Tours on: 1. Thriller, Horror, Sci-fi, Spy, [More]
Finally giving an updated view of my shelves after 5 years! Check out my IG: Bookshelves: Dupe Bookshelves: reading chair: Sweater: turtleneck: jeans: * I also use some [More]
HOLY BOOKS, BATMAN! Welcome to my updated bookshelf tour as of the end of 2013! Editing this video nearly killed me, so I hope you enjoy it! 🙂 Previous Bookshelf Tour: Twitter – [More]
Hey Fantasy Fans this is a tour and discussion of my bookshelves as of Sept 2021. Follow me on Goodreads: Discord: Follow me Instagram: #treebeardbookreviews
Hello, and welcome to my channel. This is a space for study enthusiasts and tea drinkers, and those who spend hours ambling around libraries and book shops. I hope that my videos can provide motivation [More]
HIIIII GOODMORNING!! ❤️‍🔥 Here’s my bookshelf!! This is so highly requested and it’s a long one so I hope you guys enjoy it!! Leave comments down below if you have any questions that I didn’t [More]
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Hello friends! You aren’t dreaming after 2 years of saying I was going to put up a bookshelf tour, Its finally here! I am so excited to share this video with you, it has been [More]
So many of you wanted to see an updated bookshelf tour so here it is! I hope you like it 🥺❤️ My bookshelves with the ladder are from the furniture company called, Martin: THESE [More]
Something something BOOKSHELF TOUR. Just a quick one though! If you want to see the super long and detailed tour, that video is here: Twitter – Goodreads –
Hello, aujourd’hui je vous présente ma bibliothèque et mes livres préférés ! LIVRES MENTIONNÉS : – Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles – V.Grimaldi : – Ta deuxième vie commence quand tu [More]
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