K-Pop Star Jessica Jung Gives A Tour of Her Colorful Bookshelf | Shelf Portrait | Marie Claire

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Get a peek at the neatly organized, color-coded book collection of K-pop star and author Jessica Jung! She shares some of her favorite books of all time and gives insight into her personal reading habits, plus dishes on her new novel, “Shine,” which chronicles behind-the-scenes tales of the Korean pop world where she started her career as a member of the band Girls’ Generation.

Jessica’s novel, SHINE, is available now: https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Shine/Jessica-Jung/9781534462519

Watch more SHELF PORTRAIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwrLSpHz4lk&list=PLjagBm2iRy8Fkaf0spkuO2ciXaQu-MqcU&index=3&t=0s

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Marie Claire says:

What's your favorite part of Jessica's bright bookshelf?

joanne jones says:

From the looks of it she doesn't seem like an avid reader.

Jessica Army forever!! says:

I cant wait to read Shine it's on my tbr🤗

NonStopTalking w/ Vivian Lu says:

Her book shelf is so pleasing to the eyes. I see a few books that I’ve read. And her voice sounds so nice speaking English.

Hanin Dayana Nisa says:

please marie claire ask namjoon bts to do this

Heather's_Happily_Ever_Afters says:

I need to finish reading Shine. I started it and then got distracted by other books.

Tankantwist says:

In all honesty, I have not kept up with kpop stars in quite some time so this was really nice to see! Love that we’ve both read the kite runner!

effervescent_bubbles says:

has she read the notebook though? i hope so

Ophelia Winfrey says:

It’s great that Marie Claire bring on international stars too 😍 Love Jessica’s colourful book layout and her outfit. Has anyone read her novel yet?

Goddess Yoona says:

the kite runner is so good

Yeo Ana says:

I was expecting some Korean authors…or ANY KOREAN AUTHOR besides her!!!

Dee says:

It was lovely to see her talk about the kite runner, it's such a special book to me.

- EN-finity - says:

I was the 1000th person to like this video, yooo it was so pleasing to see that 999 turn to 1k

Jéssica says:

I looooooove her voice so much

Armyn Ham says:

I like the fact that she got a vinyl of that iconic Serge Gainsboug Album but then she lost me at Men are from mars Women are from …whatever. That was an eyes roll worthy shelf.

HONEY Coverist says:


Pidapipo Lover says:

I always admire and respect artists who love to read books. It shows how intellectual and classy you are.

I love reading Roald Dahl books as a kid too. And Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus is one of my all time favourite! It's an exciting content to understand the minds and emotions of the two genders, written by an expert who helped save thousands of failing marriages and relationships from divorces/break-ups.

PureJoy says:

came here after reading Shine!!

Michael Zhu says:

at least she has the decency to have been embarrassed to not read tolkien

rspa says:

Every one stay away she's my girl ❤️

黃盈憲 says:


Og Memelord says:

I still love Jessica even though she has boyfriend right now

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