Know My Name by Chanel Miller | Book Review

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Bookie Charm says:

I loved this review and absolutely adored this book!

epd0126 says:

i am listening to The Power by Naomi Alderman i am really really enjoying this book and i know you will as well. Please listen to the audio book the narrarater does a fantastic job. I would love to hear your thoughts …im a long time subscriber and chicagoan and love your content..thanks …ill be waiting for your review

Brooke Mercer says:

I absolutely adored this book.

Susanne Latour says:

I just finished this audio book last night. I went through about 1 chapter a day as well, it was all I could handle at one time. I had tears in my eyes with every chapter. Her reading her victim impact statement at the end was so powerful. Hearing the catches in her breath at some moments gut wrenching.

Aisia Arrifianty Fauzi says:

Amazingly well written and so honest. I haven't finished reading this book… still halfway. There were many moments when I had to put down this book and said, "Oh man…." and sighed. Kudos to you Chanel for sharing this story with all of us.

That's So Poe says:

Beautiful review! Just hearing about it made me tear up. It's very much on my TBR and I'll really have to make time for it soon.

Monique Michelle says:

This was an amazing book! i also listened to the audiobook & completely agree that Chanel Miller did a great job. it was difficult but i appreciate her so much for sharing her story. She’s an incredible writer.
Also, you ✨must✨ read She Said & Catch and Kill! they are both incredibly written. Also, there’s a podcast for Catch and Kill that makes a great compliment to the book. You can listen to it without reading the book, but chances are you’ll want to after you do. Thanks for the review! 💕

Stephanie Linnell says:

This was by far the best book I read last year. It was so beautifully written and I felt like she put her whole soul into it.

Krystal Caracol says:

I preordered this book and still haven't felt ready to read it.

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