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But is it fashion?? I’m thinking of making some more of these with moments from the actual show… we’ll see if that happens lol
The book we are talking about in this video is An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris. This is an historical novel which tells the true story surrounding the Dreyfus Affair. It won the [More]
Do you have friends with different reading preferences? I dream of the day when readers learn to respect each other’s boundaries and not feel threatened when someone else’s boundaries are different. Zero-spice readers always complain [More]
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This video is not made for kids and discusses books written for adults (18+). ASMR Relaxing Book Reviews & Sounds… Tapping, Page Flipping… A video to help you relax, feel tingles, and fall asleep 🙂 [More]
Hello Readers, Here’s my attempt at explaining you some of the widely read book genres along with their examples My Amazon Affiliate Link: Follow my channel if you love to Read! Follow me on [More]
Here’s a quick tour of some common ideas I refer to when I take pictures for my bookstagram (@thebookshelfist). I had so much fun making and editing this video! Music: Sand Castles by Purrple Cat [More]
I actually bothered to read the entirety of Bernie Sanders’ capitalist money grab “It’s Okay to Be Angry About Capitalism”. I read it, reviewed it, and then threw it away, all so you don’t have [More]
Watch our overview video on the book of Proverbs, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. The book of Proverbs invites people to live with wisdom and in [More]
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Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert kiyosaki with SeeKen podcast | BOOK PODCAST HINDI VERSION IS HERE (With the Help of AI) : Time – Stamp In 2015, I embarked on my YouTube journey, [More]
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