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The supposedly devout Christian President for some reason declines to name even one of his favorite Bible verses when politely asked to do so, while insisting how “incredible” and “special” the holy book is to [More]
Books mentioned: The Art of Memoir / Mary Karr In The Dream House / Carmen Maria Machado Know My Name / Chanel Miller
For those who’ve read this series, you’ll understand and forgive me for this word vomit video but it truly is JUST THAT GOOD. Buy the books here: FIND ME: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: IMDB: [More]
The stars of the ATP tell us their favourite reading material! Watch official ATP tennis streams all year round: Tennis TV is the OFFICIAL live streaming service of the ATP Tour. Subscribe to our [More]
[CC] Hey y’all! My name is Priscilla and today I have 2 reviews of memoirs that you should read! **Shoutout to my mic’s foam cover for failing me. Sorry for the wind in the audio! [More]
2019 Bookshelf Tour | Almost 1000 Books! | Name That Song #30 #namethatsong #bookshelftour Library Setup Vlog – Draco Appearances: 7:11 8:11 10:58 13:57 15:54 17:01 Harry Potter Shelves – 2:39-3:53 Fantasy – 3:53-11:58 [More]
The supposedly devout Christian President, interviewed on Bloomberg Politics, for some reason declines to name even one of his favourite Bible verses when politely asked to do so, while insisting how “incredible” and “special” the [More]
Kids book, The Witch With No Name HD is an original 3D book app, where you will experience the curious adventure of a witch who lost her name. Your child will be able to read [More]
So I totally forgot about Game of Thrones, but everything is fine. I definitely recommend it though! Follow me everywhere else! Instagram – Twitter – Goodreads – . Music – Carefree [More]
Here is the exclusive Interview of Bala Sankuratri (Author Of My Name Is Ravana) only on Dil Se With Anjali. Bala Sankuratri, who has authored the book “My Name Is Ravana”, gets Ravana to tell [More]
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