The Curiosity Memoir: In The Dream House & Know My Name | Book Reviews

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Books mentioned:

The Art of Memoir / Mary Karr
In The Dream House / Carmen Maria Machado
Know My Name / Chanel Miller

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Jody Galcano says:

Good vid. You deserve more views! You should use smzeus(.)com, it’s the best way to promote your videos!

Laura Frey says:

Thanks for this, I'm interested in Know My Name, but none of the reviews I've read/watched so far gave me a sense of the tone or perspective… the voice, I guess. I find myself wondering about "the other side' (often the spouse's POV in marriage memoirs) and always feel a bit invasive when I do that!

Bookish says:

I've read neither of these books. I want to read both. But I cant imagine that I would be able to create a clearer or better review of either.

Harold Niver says:

The fact that Miller’s book puts emphasis on the legal process is exactly why I can’t read it. It would make me so unbelievably angry that Chanel and people in similar positions have to go through so much just to have a chance at seeing some sort of justice. It’s mind boggling. I will read Dream House, very soon.

Reg Lara says:

Great reviews!! I have not read Know My Name but have read In the Dream House. I really dug the chapter on queer villainy. Did you go watch/listen to Voices Carry?

eva m says:

I want to read both so bad, can't wait to be done with my exams. Especially "in the dream house" as a lesbian i don't think i ever read anything about abusive relationship between two women

Jo Smith says:

How you managed to get so much that was thoughtful and eloquent in such a short review amazes me Alex.

Marina Maccagni says:

I'm waiting for the cheap edition of the machado's memoir!

Matt Ellis says:

This is one of the best reviews you’ve done on this channel. So insightful. Well done.

Z J says:

1st comment 😊 & i ll finish the video

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