Book + Movie Review – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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Yes, I’m pretty sure I pronounced everyone’s name wrong (sorry).

Enjoyed the book quite a lot. If you’re looking for an intense, mystery read, check this out. 🙂

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On The Wavelength says:

omg omg your killer pronunciation is putting mine to shame!! loved hearing your review!

Bryson Frank says:

Salander or Salonder? As far as pronounciation goes?

melanchlorin says:

Guess you didn't watch the 3-hour long swedish version.

Troy Story says:

im thinking of stop reading the book but you made me finished it. thanks a lot its worth reading.

Cuatemoc Zaragoza says:

thanks for your video ,greeting from Charlotte nc usa 

Miguel Marquina says:

the various frame skips are annoying, although the review seems solid

Ella Lundberg says:

I've heard worse pronunciations of Swedish so don't worry (:

Austin Williams says:

I thought the twist at the end was soooo unexpected and I almost drop the book in class but it was just gross at times but it was interesting and lisbeth is one of the most interesting and best characters in books ever

CestLisa says:

Oh James Bond was in the American version as Mikael. 😀

noodlebamboo says:

The original title means "Men who hate women". Who does that refer to? Or is that a huge spoiler?

Equus21 Productions says:

Your book review is EXACLY how I think!
Thank you for such an awesome review!

mike200017 says:

It's pronounced the way it's spelled (like everything else in Swedish, actually). As if you put together the VA from "vaccum" and the NGER from "singer", except that the ER at the end is pronounced more lightly, like the word "air". Many people would slip and pronounce it "vagner" because of the extremely common German last name Wagner (and W is pronounced as V in German).

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