The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie review

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“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” gets an American makeover and Jeremy gives you his review

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Josh Morris says:

I think this film is a masterpiece. I can't remember the last time a crime thriller made me so invested in the characters, specifically in the character of Salander. It's brilliant.

I would love to see you revisit some of your previously reviewed films and offer a reassessment–perhaps it won't change, but you never know. Roger Ebert did this on occasion, and let's face it: you and Stuckmann are the Eberts of this generation, or will be in about 10 years. Ebert actually re-reviewed David Fincher's "Seven": his first review was good, but only 3 stars; in his second review he gave it four out of four stars and sang its praises. Just an idea. Good stuff either way.

PHH says:

you’re a sorry excuse for a movie reviewer and a person.

A S R C says:

0:55 honestly fuck you,

Damion Dunn says:

People really trying to defend this movie like it wasn't cliche garbage 😂, shit the robot chicken adaption was better

Zack Todd says:

Not your best review

Vinicius Siqueira says:

This review is very mediocre, you even got some plot points completely wrong
How Martin was responsable for the murder if Harriet is still alive?

Sirios Star says:

What movie would live to the hype to one prone to hyped up jaded sarcasm as their forte for reviewing . 💤💤💤👎👎👎

Tyler Coyle says:

I find it funny how the comments think you're a bad reviewer when this channel is literally about YOUR opinion on movies and how you feel about them… I dont understand people sometimes

Alex Tapisevic says:

A piece of advice… you should review a movie for what it is and not for the hype it has…

Christopher De Freitas says:

Jeremy reallllllly missed the boat on this one.

microch1p says:

Lord and savior himself come back to earth in movie form lmaooo

Nate DS says:

Cannot belive the "it'll be because your an asshole" girl from the social network did this. I mean she can take a ton of shit and dish out a ton of shit

Elijah Green says:

Thank you!! I agree with all of your points and the rape scene completely threw me off and made me angry.
All in all, it felt like they were just solving a mystery while they had sex. Woo, next lol

savagenature1 says:

I don't think you've given the Tour De Force rating since this film. You should bring it back 🙂

deathlist94 says:

The actual title of the original book/ movie, is men who hate women. Which makes sence when you see the movie, but it dosent pack a punch.
Thus the other tittle.

Carlos Arias says:

I guess Jeremy has never seen Irreversible then. The part with Monica Bellucci is the most horrible scene I’ve seen in my life , it haunted me for days, and I’m a dude.

Nabeel Israr says:

Very bad review

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