The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo — Book Review — Spoiler Free

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My spoiler free review of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo — by Stieg Larsson


Natalie Goretti says:

Great review! I’ve had this forever and about to start reading it!

Kai X says:

I started reading it over the weekend. I am totally obsessed with Lisbeth.

Naveen Kumar says:

It's not Mickel its Mickael. Lol But even I read the entire book as Mickel

Aayush S says:

I liked your review, this should have way more views.

Jamila Bombales says:

Hahahaha! Now I’m totally pursued to read this book haha!

NatiReviews says:

One of the best books for real. I love it

Chrissy BooksandBerries says:

Nice to see you in widescreen, haha. Great review! This video actually reminded me that I have this book and haven't read it yet.

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