BIGGEST STEPHEN KING COLLECTION EVER? || over 400 books, bookshelf tour 2021

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Finally this video has happened…my bookshelf tour as of 2021. This is my updated Stephen King collection 2021 and man this collection has been years in the making. I’m a massive stephen king collector and fan as many of you know. So is this the biggest Stephen King collection ever? Let me know of someone who has more. I’ve been collecting Stephen King books since I was young and it helps that I have access to several half price books and a wife that let me use a guest room as a library! I really hope you enjoy, give this a thumbs up for the library tour coming soon. It’d mean a ton if you subscribed too as this whole video from start to finish was a 25 hour long project! lol Thanks for watching, Enjoy!

Books mentioned…..I literally can’t tag them all haha

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Jesse Äijänaho says:

I have waited this video💪

Collectors Corner says:

Great collection! Its because of people like u i started my own channel! Thnx for the inspiration

Tinkerbell B says:

very nice!!!

Rico Bonifacio says:

Love this video! I too am starting slowly my King Collection and hope to have a collection like this one day. I've found the hardest part of collecting isnt so much finding the books, but getting the shelves to store them in! They aren't cheap! haha.

Turtle Anton says:

Dats alot of books

Ric Perrott says:

So sad to keep hearing "I haven't read this yet". I am not very fond of "collectors" that just collect items without ever even bothering to use them or appreciate them as more than trophies. You're also missing (or at least did not show) many of the limited and signed limited editions, which would absolutely need to part of anyone claiming to have the "BIGGEST STEPHEN KING COLLECTION EVER" which this is most certainly not.

Jordan Savoff says:

Of course it's hard to find certain Stephen King's books. They are all in this guy's room 😀 What bugs me is the amount of copies of a certain edition. But it makes sense if it makes you happy, right 🙂

Alex Jenkinson says:

How do you protect your paperbacks?

mike helgers says:

cool collection. I have over a 1000 Stephen king books.

Lisa Berg says:

I think you have more Stephen King books than Stephen King does!! 🙂 Great tour of your shelf, I love SK too. You GOTTA read 11/22/63 – it is outstanding and one of my favourites. I've been reading his works for 30 years.

Yoshi Todo says:

Nice video and awesome collection! You should have made a close-up of the books, though, instead of a full body shot of you… 😅

Koko B Manga says:

Good Collection

Vanguard the 🤡 says:

I never read even 1 SK book

TowerJunkie19 says:

You have the most awesome collection. Love your Stephen King library. Lot's of your favourite covers were mine too. I don't get how some people don't like Dreamcatcher either. You have a lot of really good King books to get to, but I recommend The Dead Zone if you liked Cujo because their all part of The Castle Rock trilogy. Needful Things at the time was the final Castle Rock story but since then he wrote Lisey's Story which is one of his best in my opinion. Keep on collecting King!

Derek Lap says:

Niche question since you have a huge collection, do you know if they made hardcover versions of The Dark Tower 1-4 with the illustrations? I’ve only ever found paperback versions with the illustrations for 1-4, although 5-7 I’ve seen both hardcover and paperback with illustrations.

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