Wherein our hero Durfee reviews the new novel Fairy Tale by Stephen King. #FairyTale #StephenKing #BookReview see all of my Stephen King reviews here with this playlist
Mike heads to the kingdom of Empis to discuss the 2022 new release Fairy Tale by Stephen King. Purchase Fairy Tale here: (physical) (digital) (audio) Channels mentioned this episode: @B.LEE.DbrianleedurfeeREVIEWS Want to [More]
Watch Stephen King read from his new novel FAIRY TALE, on sale NOW! Early in the Pandemic, King asked himself: “What could you write that would make you happy?” “As if my imagination had [More]
In 1977 Stephen King released his first book under the psuedonym “Richard Bachman” by the name of Rage. At what was first released and forgotten about by the majority of the reading community, the book [More]
Mike heads to Dumnonia to discuss the 1995-1997 trilogy The Warlord Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell. This is a spoiler-free discussion. Purchase The Winter King (book 1) here: (physical) (digital) (audio) Microphone used [More]
50 Stephen King books ranked. What’s up everyone. I just finished Different Seasons by Stephen King and it was my 50th Stephen King read !! Please let me know which Stephen King books are your [More]
Dreamcatcher is an American science-fiction horror movie based on a novel by Stephen King of the same name. The film, directed by Lawrence Kasdan and co-written by Kasdan and William Goldman, narrates the story of [More]
Leave a like, comment, and subscribe for more videos! Follow my socials: IG: TikTok: TW: GOODREADS: LETTERBOXD: Intro 00:00 Disclaimers 00:43 Ranking 01:36 SOME OF THE BOOKS MENTIONED IN THIS [More]
HAPPY FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER! To celebrate, I wanted to do a video dedicated to Stephen King! What’s your recommendation or favorite book from him? SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: SUBSCRIBE TO MY MAIN CHANNEL: [More]
Mike talks about Stephen King’s villains and his 19 favorites. Want to send Mike something? You can do so to the below address: Mike K. 15201 Mason Rd Suite 169 Cypress, TX 77433 Support Mike [More]
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Mike begins to rank the works of his favorite author, Stephen King, beginning with his works from 1974 through 1982. This is a spoiler-free discussion. Microphone used in these videos: Camera used in these [More]
Top 10 Stephen King Novels Subscribe: and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! These are novels that all true Constant Readers [More]
Reeload Media brings you the life story and works of Stephen King. This Biography of the king of modern horror is been narrated in Malayalam language. #stephenking #horror #biography
Part one of a sixteen part series reviewed Stephen King’s classic of horror, IT. Join us as we read through The Shadow Before and prepare for next week, Derry: The First Interlude. Support us through [More]
Mike continues his Into the Multiverse series by talking about the seventh published novel by Stephen King, 1981’s Cujo. 0:00 Introduction & Excerpt Reading 2:09 Info & Background 4:30 What Is It About? 7:05 What [More]
Mike gives his non-spoiler and spoiler thoughts on the newest addition to his Constant Reader library; The Institute by Stephen King. Review starts at 4:04 Follow Mike on his Goodreads page at Join us [More]
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Alright we’ve finally got an updated version of my top 10 Stephen King books of all time! The last time I made my favorite Stephen King books list was back in September and things have [More]
Mike kicks off his Into the Multiverse series by talking about the debut novel by Stephen King, 1974’s Carrie, as well as the connections to his multiverse and a few Easter eggs to later works. [More]
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Keeping Up With The Comics is my review of comics that I am currently reading. The books I’m keeping up with are King Grimlock #4 & Not All Robots #4. Check it out, hit that [More]
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My top 10 Stephen king novels. I’ve reviewed quite a few Stephen King novels so I wanted to do a top 10 !! #top10 #Stephenking Stephen King best books , best Stephen king books , [More]
Mike heads to Derry, Maine to discuss the 1986 horror classic, IT, bt Stephen King. Purchase Stephen King’s IT Here: (physical) (digital) (audio) Follow Mike on his Goodreads page at Support [More]