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Back in September I visited my local markets and collected around forty sci-fi novels for forty dollars from a stall. Today, I went back for a lot, lot more for a lot lot less…
here it is finally! Every book I own! Re-organize my bookshelves with me and see the whole collection😁💪📚 main channel: instagram: ⭐️girlypop merch:
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Hey Fantasy Fans this is a tour and discussion of my bookshelves as of Sept 2021. Follow me on Goodreads: Discord: Follow me Instagram: #treebeardbookreviews
#JamesBond #JamesBondBooks #FilmBooks 00:00 Introduction 07:32 The REAL James Bond 08:50 Ian Fleming 11:13 Books on the Literary Bond 20:32 Biographies and Memoirs 31:51 Books on the Bond Films 01:38:05 Magazines 01:41:59 Roleplaying Game and [More]
The last of my film books this time featuring books by subject, all the oversized coffee table art books and a handful of vintage film paperbacks. I also go into my small shelf of Music [More]
Sponsor my YouTube channel on Patreon! Time to take an in-depth look at the Universal Monsters Legacy Collection. First, we’ll take a look at the DVD sets, specifically the first 3 volumes – Dracula, [More]
Welcome to my very dark academia bookshelf tour! A tour of my bookshelves was such a highly requested video on my channel so I am so excited for you all to see this video! I [More]
Finally this video has happened…my bookshelf tour as of 2021. This is my updated Stephen King collection 2021 and man this collection has been years in the making. I’m a massive stephen king collector and [More]
Our highly requested book shelf tour is here!, we hope you all enjoy the little insight into the hundreds of books we have, we haven’t counted but there is definitely over 1000 books. We hope [More]
Cold War Comics specializes in pre-code comic books with a Cold War theme. This includes comics with art and stories about the Korean War and Cold War espionage. My goal is to better acquaint you [More]
Per viewer request, Mike takes a slow tour through his book shelves and talks about a handful of them. In part one, he talks exclusively about the crown of the collection; Stephen King. 0:00 Introduction [More]
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Bookshelf tour of every single Stephen king novel.
$200,000 COMIC BOOK ROOM MAKEOVER!!! Comic & Statue Collection Tour! It took a while, but I finally upgraded my comic book room! It took a while to do the renovations to transform our wine cellar [More]
So check out some random books I own. Okay Andre, I made the video, now its your turn, make the video response. I dare you. No I command you!
I, Robot (2004) Also Known As: Yo, robot PG-13 115 min – Action | Mystery | Sci-Fi – 16 July 2004 (USA) In the year 2035 a techno-phobic cop investigates a crime that may have [More]
OPEN ME FOR ALL OF THE THINGS! Today I’m sharing a haul and review of the new e.l.f. (eyeslipsface) Disney Belle collection! Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite movies ever and I [More]
What better way to kick off Stephen King month than showing my collection! So, so highly requested! I wanted to wait until I had them all before doing this video (there was editing, so much [More]
I decided to make a video of my book collection of Stephen King my favorite author, I have almost every book he wrote in mint condition and I wanted to show them to you so [More]
PLEASE leave requests and suggestions for what you want to see on this channel. the more ideas I have to pick from the more motivated I’ll be to keep making videos! LAST VIDEO → [More]
A book shelf tour featuring lots of beautiful classics including about a hundred different editions of Virginia Woolf and the Brontës… 📖 ✨ Want to support my channel? ✨ Buy me a coffee: Support [More]
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We keep opening Coles Little Treehouse blind mini books in the hopes of filling out our set! Will it be all duplicates again? Our Food Review Channel: Our Vlog/Personal Channel: Board Game Review [More]
Here’s the most recent update to my Stephen King book collection! I am still missing some books, but it has grown A LOT since my last video in 2017! Obviously I haven’t read all of [More]