Stephen King Reviews Pennywise IT Movie 2017 "I've Seen it Twice, Its Brilliant"

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Stephen King Talks about and reviews the new It Movie (2017) released in cinema’s soon, featuring the shape shifting clown pennywise. He says he has seen it twice and keeps discovering new things in it.


Andrew Zavala says:

So the novel is set in the 50's and movie has it backwards set in the 80's for the kids. I didn't think it could work.

Mustard Gravy says:


Jade J says:

its fucking shite 2.5 hours of shite.first hour and half was boring story flashbacks and character building then it ended with an anti climatic culmination of bullshit. in the end your left like….seriously? id rather watch annabelle again or an episode of goosebumps

Byron Herrera says:

Didn't like the 1st 2/3 of the film, but the final act was well staged & well directed (& written). 2.5/4

The Amazing Lucas says:

This movie was worst film of the year.

Maxx Doran says:

His opinion is the only one that holds water. Not yours, not mine…his. If you didn't like the movie you can fuck off. Simple as that

justin bratcher says:

Thanks for this genius book and the movies Mr King !!

keefriff99 says:

And Stephen's bank account is getting LARGER!

The Cuckerberg says:

Stephen king is the real clown. They should of cast him as pennywise. Supporting and advocating for hillary clinton is clearly a sign of deranged insanity.

SloppyDogRiddles says:

I thought the film was really funny and silly but i liked it

Toby B says:

Nice. Haven't seen the movie but the leaked clips on YouTube look good- the way pennywise talks and sometimes the way he moves seems scarier than the last adaptation

Jake says:

He likes this and the Dark Tower. But didn't like Kubrick's The Shinning…

bodhisattva99 says:

Good? The book was good. Not ONE of those kids in that movie were even REMOTELY likable, and there was NO good reason to set it in the 80s AT ALL. Why did they HAVE to? It made NO sense, except to pander to a demographic. The only thing the movie nailed was the town of Derry. Setting. That's it.

Me From Maine says:

It feels a little too much like he's trying to help sell the movie, rather than focus soley on the differences and similarities and what he liked/didn't like about it.

maspingon says:

He said the same thing about Dark Tower:D

Scissor-Kicker says:

"So, Stephen, what did you think of the film"-"Money… Money, Money…. Money, MONAY…Mmmmmmoney."-"Ok, thank you for that honest answer."

Darth Reaper says:

Stephen King is the reason I decided to write books. Though I'm starting with fantasy novels because right now im not good at horror.

Gary T says:

not convinced it'll be good yet.

Rejuvenating Rhythms says:

I care about each character


I love the iconic of IT

we all know who that is…🤡

Clothilde says:

Cool. Now stop being all mardy-arse and admit that Kubrick's The Shining is a fucking masterpiece.

Alexander Dumass says:

Well obviously hes not gonna say it sucks

Sound Logic says:

I Wonder if pennywise will manifest famous monsters/killers from the 70's/80's like Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers, Reagan from the exorcist etc?

Emran Sarwary says:

9.2/10 IMDb rating?

I'm definitely watching this

TheBlindPrinceNSW says:

I can smell the sarcasm in the air

Especially when the trailers have shown the best scenes

S. King does not talk and compares about what is seen in the trailers is better than what he saw in the movies

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