Stephen King + Bernie Wrightson = The Best-Selling CREEPSHOW Movie Adaptation Comic Book!

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bob1964utube says:

Cycle of the Werewolf came out in 1985.

pbr-streetgang says:

Thanks for the vid guys.👋🏼👋🏼

kntemplar says:

interesting fact: though Bernie Wrightson did the adaptation, Ron Frenz did the art that appeared in the movie itself.

ANsOn II says:

When he stirred the orange juice with the vodka bottle I lost my shit when I was a little kid. Lol

Dark Woods says:

I always liked how this was the same size format as the EC Classics reprints in the 80s so fit in well with them.

HC Anderson says:

Bought this in the bookstore when it came out. Thanks for this.

erikcjones says:

Took me YEARS to find a copy. My Dad lived in Maine and found a first print at a local bookstore. What a great comic.

krhom70 says:

I wasn't aware of this comic! SO DOPE. I'm confused though. Did the film or comic come first?

Lars Kramhøft says:

Oh man, the naked Leslie Nielsen line cracked me up

jerr0 says:

Got mine as a birthday present from my mom in the mid 90's. I was a total mark for horror movies and comics, so this was a no-brainer. She got it from Barnes & Nobles. I don't think I've seen a copy in a comic book store either.

mistahwolfie says:

Mike Kaluta Werewolf sketch

Ganjjabar's Medium says:

I read this book in school, the art truly terrified me and unsettled me! The movies creepy too!

Tim Clary says:

New to me fellas! Great one!

Aaron Sasson says:

"The Crate" terrified me as a kid. It was easily the goriest segment of the bunch.

theartofSkinner says:

I guess Bernie had an insane deadline for this thing. Like 30 days or something. Maybe less. Stephen king wanted Graham Ingels supposedly, but he had turned his back on horror. I think I read this in an interview. Anyway I love Bernie!

Comic Artist MGR says:

My favorite video so far about my favorite movie with art from my favorite artist. Ive always wanted this comic but couldnt find it.

conroyjett says:

Never saw it at the comic shop but the local Waldenbooks had the same copy of it in stock for years until probably the early to mid-90s.

K Manifesto says:

I'm one of those who never knew this existed. Oddly enough, I do remember the cover. Thanks for the walk-through!

Baba Yaga says:

Never saw this book in any comic book shop growing up.(80's/90's). Other Bernie collections were easy to come across; I would always stop and thumb through them before getting my stack.

Josh Simmons says:

Hell yeah. I loved this thing when I was a kid, lost that copy long ago. There's a new edition that has really lousy reproduction, find the original printings if you can. As far as I know, Wrightson worked with King for Creepshow, and did illustrations for Cycle of the Werewolf, The Stand expanded edition, and The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla.

crusty21 says:

This comic was masterfully done…as an extra bonus they should have inserted mail order ads for cheap gag ripoffs….like that voodoo doll the kid used.

Lex says:

I hope they have Ed Harris dancing in that comic. That was GHOULISH! 🙂

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