My Stephen King Book Collection!

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What better way to kick off Stephen King month than showing my collection! So, so highly requested! I wanted to wait until I had them all before doing this video (there was editing, so much editing).



Mario Mlinac says:

Nice trip down memory lane of all those great moments i spend reading King's work 15- 20 years ago.I wish i could read something now for the first time with the same amazment i had back when i was young,but that's the price of growing up,i guess.Anyway, the video was a cool reminder.Also,i had a good laugh reading the comment about"The girl who loved Tom Gordon",and how the baseball references went over your head.That was my reaction exactly when i read it myself,and to this day that is the only King's book which i sold to the second hand store.Not a baseball fan at all,lol.Greetings from Croatia.

Bill Keon says:

Pet Semetary really has very few animals, basically one or two. It’s just great though. Please read

The Dungeon Dive says:

second hand books are the best! IMO, a Stephen King book should look all worn out, tattered, and well-loved and well-read.

Pavel Paul Davila Garfias says:

Are you british?

유나 says:

In my country we have only 2-3 version of every book and they all have different cover pictures but same design. I find these American/English versions/designs so aesthetic and hope to buy it, but it’s too expensive in my country

Stacey Cummings says:

Your hardback edition of IT is the UK first edition 🙌🏻
I bought the same one for about £2 and I saw someone on booktube go crazy over the same edition, spent quite a bit of money on it too 👀

Shantanu says:

Fun fact -stephen king doesn't have any recollection of writing a book by the name "cujo" ,since back in the 80s he was high on coke ,so high that he remains sober only for 2 hours in a day

Dan Schaal says:

I haven't watched you whole video yet. my question is…Do you have The Stand in the Coffin Box edition?

Maza Book Tuber says:

Nice Stephen King collection!! I like seeing all the different art works in his covers! If you are a constant reader and you are reading this go check out my Stephen King collection on my channel!

Pritam Majumder says:

Very good collection

leeiliketoread says:

I love the tag line on The Shining cover “Never overlook the past”
Amazing who ever came up with that is a genius
Lovely collection Becky, I’m in love with yours and hope to expand mine soon, Carrie is coming on Friday and I’m so excited!
And don’t worry I own The Shining and The Gunslinger of course! 😂
Stay safe! ❤️
Edit: I bet your looking forward to If It Bleeds tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear your take on it!

Christian Tönnies says:

Nice collection , like you im trying collect all his books , only im trying to get all hardbacks.

Tahrin Choudhury says:

Omg he wrote so many it's hard which one should I start first? The dark tower the gun slinger I tried to read I find its confusing to understand. So I stopped listening.

• Ana Sofia • says:

Amazing books! 🤩📖♥️

James Smith says:

Pet Sematary is not about animals.

TheWoodenDwarf says:

You have a wonderful voice.!

Tyler Clarke says:

Interesting editions. I like them. My editions were purchased in Canada and most have very different covers.

flyin ryan says:

lol dont be sorry about the editions u have most of my collection is beat up and arent mint condition either the point is to READ the book not show it off to other people remember that 😁btw love your accent and u got a good collection

Lil Zae says:

I love your book editions they look very nice where did u get them from

David Lona says:


Connor Fuges says:

What month is Stephen King month?

Wineoclock Bookworm says:

I'm curious. Are your paperbacks trade paperbacks or mass marketed? I can't tell from the video. Thanks!

Hyun Yoo Park says:

You look fine girl
Would love be to be with you

Bookworms Buddy says:

Stephen King is my favorite author by far. I have a lot of his books myself, not all of them yet though. I really can't believe people have told you that your Stephen King books are ugly and you can't be a true king fan. I myself do not spend full price very often. I think all your books are amazing! My favorite King is IT and Pet Semetary is amazing! Enjoy your collection.

Ryder says:

It doesnt matter if the Book is in Bad condition…Atleast It has a Great Story

Luke Skywalker says:

Stephen King has said that the biggest compliment he can get is when he sees one of his books with dog ears and worn. It shows that the book was read more than one time. And what more could any writer ask for than to be read over and over again?

Jon Greenleaf says:

Wish theyd make all covers holographcic

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