Weirdest Books I've Read on Booktube || Horror & Sci-Fi Book Recommendations 2020

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Dear Booktube… I’m back with some more book recommendations for 2020! This time I wanted to talk to you about the weirdest books I’ve read on Booktube! Mostly horror and sci-fi books that you need to read!

Best Books By Genre out of 400:

Kat M
Andrassy Zsofi
Kim Patten
Lili O Varela
Veronica Huber
Shauna Marie
Linda Gonzales
Amanda Appel
Sarah A Schafer
Kaela Clifton
Ana Pinese
Abbie Day
Sandra Bertilsson
Bookish Pothos
Franziska Weires
Amelia Kisling Harris
Réka Zsigrai
Micheal Sommers
Karen Champ

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Lauren Friesen says:

Have you read Bunny by Mona Awad? I was going WTF the entire time but I weirdly really enjoyed it.

Alexis ! says:

I feel like both Wolf in White Van and Universal Harvester by John Darnielle fit the Weird Vague Thriller vibe and I love them both

A. Mile says:

I really liked "I keep my worries in my teeth" because it wasn't really scifi or anything, nothing supernatural or impossible happened, and it still felt like a super surreal dream.

JasmineBlushes1 says:

The second book and the rest of The DarkTower series are NOT like the first book at all. Listen the the audiobook of the second one in the series. You will love it. Honestly. Do it.

Amanda says:

I have never read ANYTHING like the Library at Mount Char and I wish I could find something else like it because it is DIVINE.

Camila Golub says:

This has nothing to do with the video, but I really want to read Children of Time but I'm arachnophobic. So, should I read it or am i gonna suffer through it all?

Katie Grainger says:

Oh and The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters. Amazing!

Tes Sy says:

I've just finished I'm Thinking of Ending Things, picked it up after watching this video. I really liked it, and I'm intrigued about the film that's being released next September.

pagenumber394 says:

I absolutely loved annihilation. I told my bf to read it and he was so obsessed he finished the entire series! I have yet to read the others, but he says they are really good. Oh so gunslinger is no where near as good as book 2 and 3. Book 2 was so insane and amazing. Book 1 honestly sucked lol. I still need to continue the dark tower series. I've read the first 5.

Marcus says:

About The Dark Tower, at least give the next book a try please. The next two books in the series are really, REALLY good

TheAudioAuditor says:

Annihilation was suspenseful, but I just had the biggest eye roll at the alien reveal at the end. Same thing with a Lovecraft book I read. "Cosmic octopi" just pulled me right out of it, I can't….

akaram325 says:

Very sexy vid! I liked it!

Ana Clara says:

It really speaks to my character that I came here for recommendations and found out I've already read most of them. Love weird books!

Christina Campbell Books says:

The Library at Mount Char and This is How You Lose the Time War sound wonderful! Definitely adding to my TBR. I really enjoyed More Than This. 🙂

Sebastian Larsson says:

I've read a few of Martin Millar's books, which can definitely be weird. I liked his book "Good Fairies of New York"

Cierra says:

OMG!!! I didn’t know there was a book for Childhood’s End but I did watch the miniseries! I watched it like 3 or 4 times! I’m going to check out the book and maybe you should check out the show. It’s only 3 episodes and each an hour long. I enjoyed it immensely!!!

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