Tomie by Junji Ito | Horror Manga Review

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Tomie by Junji Ito | Horror Manga Review
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hello friends! I hope you don’t mind a little bit of a different book review Friday today, it’s more like a manga review Friday!
anything horror related is my jam, so when I found out about junji Ito, I knew I had to feature his work onto my channel as well.
if you guys like this sort of thing, let me know and I will keep doing this more regularly!

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_pinkbvnny_ says:

I order the book and it could come tomorrow (btw I bought it from eBay) it took some days to come but I wish that I could come tomorrow 😩😩

Koenji Shawn Reviews says:

Ito Junji did a sweet crowd funding event last year and had four of his stories narrated by Inagawa Junji, a famous actor etc. Only Japanese but it's hella good quality.

MK says:

loving this eyeshadow. I think I might get this manga – (yikes)

lily says:


lily says:

I was reading it like a tradional manga but you dont read that one like that and i didnt catch on for a while so I was super confused

Zero 2 Nill says:

I get it you went into a "spiral of buying every thing he writes"

Sakura Beats says:

this is my first manga im getting it tomorow i am really excited about the story

ʚ chiakis3ds ɞ says:

I feel bad for tomie 🙁

Clara Anjos says:

Where did u buy it?

TehMattyfull says:

I didn't think I'd actually write this long of a response so I apologize in advance if I end up going on for too long.

Tomie was honestly the only story in Junji Ito's collection that actually scared and shook me. I'm not saying that to puff myself up "oh look at me horror doesn't scare me", I found all of his stories fun to read but I guess I've just never been too scared of body horror and eldritch horror personally. With Tomie though there was something personally affective about it, how without fail her presence basically defiled and mutilated the souls of everyone she came across that honestly made me really really scared. Like even the people who didn't "fall" for Tomie like Umehara, the ending where Tomie takes the place of his dead fiance in his dreams and torments him in his sleep it's like something deep in their personhood has been desecrated.

That's also probably something that made this series keep punching me in the gut over and over. It would have been easy for Ito to write the same story over and over about a dude falling for Tomie and killing her but he wrote 19 stories all unique featuring their own cast of characters who are affected in their own ways. Whether it's the little boy who thinks Tomie is his mother, or the girls who find her hair and end up developing a sort of parasocial relationship with Tomie that literally kills them with each story I kept getting disabused of the notion that maybe there was some person, some scenario where things might turn out okay. There isn't though, no one is safe, not even Tomie is safe from herself.

It's also deeply affecting how Ito rides this line of presenting Tomie as a person with desires and consciousness and reason but also a sort of force of nature pushed on by things beyond her control. She is selfish, but she can't not be even if she understands what selflessness would look like it isn't in her nature anymore to do that. She can understand friendship and family but only when she is weak and needs protection, the moment she no longer needs someone it is as if something beyond even her own control pushes her to abandon them without even the slightest hesitation.

Near the end, I think it was book 18, the three part series with the girls who were made in Tomies, there was a tiny bit of hope that came back to me. I thought that surely Tomie must love her sister, her only family who has protected her for nearly 20 years. If not love then at least she must have some sort of feeling of loyalty or even respect to not immediately snap back into her arbitrary cruelty, but no. The moment Tomie no longer needed protection without hesitation she turns her own sister into a slave. I just couldn't at that point. I basically gave up and the only thing there was left to possibly hope for was maybe the burned man would succeed in his admittedly disgusting quest, but of course Ito even takes that away at the last moment. It never ends.

Tabitha Barkat says:

Wich book is better tomie or uzumaki

siako. cousin of stev says:

"So I went into this spiral of reading junji ito " hehe if u know you know

Kiritsugu says:

I like manga and junji itos artwork, but I was actually never a big fan of horror, so I really wonder if I will enjoy this one🤔

val a says:

i do not know where to buy this book pls help me

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