Horror! Junji Ito's Frankenstein Manga Gets an English Edition Just In Time For Halloween!

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This is a review for the English Version release.
Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2RSNAtX

Shiver: Has an entire story in the review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCFFdLAqGeg

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Turtle Anton says:

Gotta get this one

jaydenrock says:

I would like to see the differences from Mary Shelley’s to Junji Ito version. That would be a interesting video.

BadRespawn says:

I'm going to have to pick this up- The Ito collections are hands down some of the most interesting horror compilations. I actually just got done reviewing/recommending Fragments of Horror on my channel, but this looks like it's a more substantive collection. I get this feeling this will be a future recommend as well. Thanks for sharing!

Star Wars Tragedy says:

Didn't even know about these books… gotta check them out!

#JayRoC ReVieWs says:

This was a great video . i have never read any of this books but that Frankenstein one just came out & grabbed my attention so i decided to look for reviews . this was a good way to check out the design & build of the book

Your Antagonist says:

I see I’m not the only with a hardback version of Uzumaki. Truly a man of great taste.

Kat says:

Junji ito is my favorite mangaka and I love him I even have a tattoo of Azami from Uzumaki,I own all of his work released in english so I ordered this today and just by looking at it I can say I'm going to love it. You truly are a man of culture

Matador Queen89 says:

Seen this in Barnes and noble today and flipped through it and this dude is a mad genius of horror manga

Love how detailed his works are

Mr Gomez says:

Been wanting to check Junji Ito for a while

Roberto Rivera says:

Junji needs to invest in "Vampire Hunter D!" 😀

EvaUnit02 says:

I think Junji is pronounced "JOON GEE".

Nardo Polo says:

you know they did an anime called the Junji Ito collection beginning of this year you might find it interesting.

Harley Quinn says:

Waiting on my copy I should have it in the mail any day now, glad you showcase ITO's work! These are comics that NEED to be read and cherished by all fans.

Ray Venkman says:

So, this is the Junji Ito I've heard about from Ashens when he did a video about knock-off army men.

RBT says:

There are a lot of decent horror manga out there, but Junji Ito's work is just on a whole other level compared to everyone else.


I am so getting it!

Vermis says:

Junji Ito is appropriating european culture. I'm literally shaking right now.

Matthew Roach says:

Wrightson's Frankenstein will always be the best !!!!!

Richard Corwin says:

Thank you TUG. I am always on the lookout for new (to me) material to read and appreciate. My question to you is there any place or site that I can go to that I can learn more as my knowledge of Manga and Anime is limited. Once again sir thank you!

TheSpawnfan says:

a Frankenstein manga by the master of horror himself? awesome

TheAutistWhisperer says:

I already have it preordered, recently bought his Tomie series which is pretty enjoyable so far.

The Toma-verse says:

They also recently released a hardcover version of Berni Wrightson's "Frankenstein Alive, Alive"

Berserker says:

TuG has an umbrella hand tattoo awesome!

Vinyl Migraine says:

For anyone into seeing how Ito works I highly recommend hunting down the manben manga documentary series that did a episode on him, should be on YouTube still (most were taken down recently)

Nate Walking says:

Very cool! Seen this guys art before but didn’t realize he had English releases out there. Will be buying on Friday.

Carmen Gryphon says:

Oh man, Heck yeah! I know what I'm getting.

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