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This is my book/manga recommendation on Junji Ito’s classic horror manga – UZUMAKI. Spoiler Free!

Link to purchase Uzumaki – $18.99

Uzumaki Film –

Based Sempai –


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If you have any recommendations please leave them down in the comment section below! Let me know what you’re reading/watching – I’d love to hear from you ~


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MESS gaming says:

i hope you read some light novels

Classic Tales with Michael Sorbello says:

I just made a review of Uzumaki myself, the hospital scene was definitely the most intense 😅

Walter Misery says:

Uzumaki was my first horrot manga. Very very good manga

Walter Misery says:

The drifting classroom, is an absolutely amazing. And Ichi the Killer

Elaine Decimo says:

Good review and thanks for not spoiling it! – I really want to read it!

Person says:

I got this book i wanted to see what people think of that book

Squints 8 says:

I feel the same as you on the ending. But it was also my first Junji Ito manga.

But overall an amazing story. So worth it. I borrowed from a friend but i would be willing to buy my own.

Grim Asialander says:

I hope Mr. Ito will also do Uchiha…

Jackie Miller says:

I love creepy and weird. This sounds like my kind of manga.

I Dont Have A Name says:

Yes!!!! I love this weird and strange manga I need to re read it again though before the anime come out this year I just got more of junji work to so I'm excited to read though to also uzumaki where I started with junji

Turtle Anton says:

Read Shiver

Roger Harrison says:

Good channel! 😃 You deserve more views. Why don’t you use SMZeus”dot”com!? You should use it to grow your channel!

Hatsuseno says:

Junji's best work by a mile imo. If you want more horror kino you should try a drifting classroom, it's just gotten a new hardcover omnibus and it's top quality.

YoriMoon says:

I also just finished reading UZUMAKI, the story went crazy after the hurricane absolutely wild ride.

Aki says:

You asked for a manga recommendation, so I’m just gonna give you my fav manga of all time

Attack on titan.

You probably have seen the anime if not I would recommend.

But as I said the manga currently is a masterpiece.

Nick says:

hospital chapter was 100% the creepiest for me. i had to put it down after that one

Tinghan lee says:

Who here tot this video was for naruto? Leave a like HAHA

The Last 5 Warriors of The World says:

You Should watch Rwby First start with the Red and white and Black and Yellow trailer and then Start the series It has 7 Volumes as of right now Because Volume 7 Started in November 2 so already 4 episodes are out and There are 5 Rwby Mangas I feel like you would Enjoy But First Watch the series then read the Manga and roosterteeth Like to see fans react to rwby so you can React the episodes and Roosterteeth will help you if your video gets blocked So you can watch the episodes Completely Without cutting them or Worry about copyright! And if you Haven't Seen Attack on Titan you should watch it and You Should get the manga It's a great Anime and it's super intense and you will love the characters

Levi Schmevi says:

hey Boogie! at the moment i am reading a sports manga called yowamushi pedal and really enjoying it. it's about cycling and the first volume is a little slow but it really picks up from there, it may not be for you though.

Jane X says:

Junji Ito = Edgar Allan Poe

Levi Schmevi says:

sorry to be that guy but……


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