Dark Academia Bookshelf Tour || my dark academia aesthetic book collection

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Welcome to my very dark academia bookshelf tour! A tour of my bookshelves was such a highly requested video on my channel so I am so excited for you all to see this video! I hope you also get some great book recommendations from your facorite dark academic!

fairy light tree: https://www.celticserenity.com

Reacting to my final grades: https://youtu.be/Te-DebwPi_g
My favorite books of 2020: https://youtu.be/CfceahVM4xI
VLOGMAS WEEK 2: https://youtu.be/YiQYL17dwck
VLOGMAS WEEK 3: https://youtu.be/hbVoGuR75sI

Instagram: @_isabellaathena https://www.instagram.com/_isabellaathena/
Goodreads: Isabella Athena
Contact me: isabellaathenacontact@ gmail.com

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how old are you? eighteen
what are you studying? I am majoring in political science
where are you from? United States

I post a new video every Saturday and Wednesday


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Skye Layon says:

You sound like Emma Watson!

Mawimawii Renthlei says:

Omg u adore Oscar Wilde, is into dark acedemia and love soc too!! Damn our taste are so similar I'm gonna read any book u praise!
Oh the infernal devices is also my fav trilogy of all time, and it's kinda dark acedemia too, u should check it out!

Anonymous says:

I wish i money to buy books, although i have two books of harry potter, and one of Percy jackson, and i already think i have a whole library

Sababa Tamanna says:

This is amazing! 🙂

morgane says:

Hi! Not to be nosy but is that a perfume bottle in front of your shadow box? If so, do you know the name? also your antique books are beautiful!

Moriko Sasaki says:

the globe looks so aesthetic. 🦉´-+

yumna amjad says:

plz dont hate harry potter even if u hate jk rowling

The Cottage Goddess says:

i loved this video! where did you get your bookshelves?

Pacoimero XVida says:

I too love Dorian Gray. I first became acquainted with this book @ my old job where there used to be an older gentleman who people said looked older than his dad. Thus, the fellow cogs baptized him Dorian Gray

studio dani says:

I love how you organize your bookshelfs. I also don't like JK, I actually sold all my HP books (all of them anotated), I only keep one because the anotations were a bit personal. It felt good to get rid of them.

Mel says:

Wait, what bigotry in harry potter?
I know JK is a terf but I hadn't spotted anything actually IN the books that was bad.

emisbutapoem says:

Your collection brings me so much joy 😭🖤

maggie chwedczuk says:

Honestly one of my favorite tours! We have such a similar style. New sub:)

daughterofthehades says:

That was an amazing video! When I see a person who read PJO I feel like see an old friend. Rick Riordan is amazing person and writer.

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