How to Study For Medical Surgical Nursing | Passing Med Surg in Nursing School

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This video discusses how to study for medical surgical nursing as a nursing student in nursing school. These tips will help guide you on how to study for lecture exams and give you insight on how to pass med surg nursing. The reasons students struggle with medical surgical nursing is because the exam questions are NCLEX style questions (not fact based), the class requires you to understand the material rather than memorize it, and it is the first nursing class that requires you to put everything together from Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Nursing Fundamental etc.

Tips for Passing Med-Surg Article:

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RegisteredNurseRN says:

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Google User says:

if only i could give nurse sarah my tuition money instead of some professors here who do not teach

MsBranlu07 says:

Thank you for all the videos and time you put into preparing them. Even my instructors share your videos in class as resources to help us study. It helps me greatly as sometimes text and notes just isn't enough.

Regine Saturnino says:

I’m currently at a 70% in my med surg and we need a 75 to pass.. we have two more exams left in the semester but I’m feeling so discouraged. I study and read most of the material but when it comes to exams, I just become stuck and have test anxiety.. :/

Marina Wilson says:

I really wish my instructors would give study guides but they won’t. It would be so much easier to study instead of trying to cram everything in not knowing what will be on the test. 😭 it’s like they don’t want us to be successful in the class because we can’t even get a general study guide

Aaliyah S says:

Thank you so much and yes my Professors just give us a PowerPoint and I wasn’t sure how to go about studying for the class , so I appreciate you breaking this down and I did do practice questions from Saunders book

mohanlal marwadi says:

Ma'am good information😍😍😍

CJ Hunter says:

You Are AMAZING!!! Hands down the best nursing instructor I have EVER had!

Youa Lee says:

Great video! I’m starting Med Surg this semester and your videos are so helpful.

Kayann Williams says:

I know you get this all the time, but I thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge in your videos. I wish our professors were like you. You are helping a entire generation of new nurses! We love you😘

Randi Jordon says:

My professors don’t give study guides. They say it’s “frowned upon” 😭

LadyG Adventures says:

my professor doesn't give study guide :/


I passed my exams because of your lecture videos. I consider you as one of my Clinical Instructor. Thank you!

Michael says:

Good lord. I’ve taken two exams and failed them. I have two more. Glad I found this video. 2nd semester medsurge is ridiculously hard for me. I feel like a rock when I study and it shows when I take the exams.

nancy galvez says:

Here before my first medsurg exam on Monday, thank you!

Lovemeorhateme00 says:

What school do YOU teach at so we can all transfer there? 😂

Terri L Lane says:

I start MedSurg in 2 weeks and this has helped me alot, already. Thank you for breaking it down!!!

Kait Lynne says:

I have the NCLEX Saunders book but can you send me a link for the Med surg made easy book please??

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