Pathophysiology Study Tips | How to Study for Pathophysiology in Nursing School (Patho)

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Learn how to study for pathophysiology (patho) in nursing school and what study guide I recommend for patho. Most nursing programs require students to take pathophysiology which is the study of how diseases or injuries affects the body and cause it to “act” abnormally. To be successful in pathophysiology, you must be familiar with the material you learned in anatomy and physiology because that material builds upon the material you will learn in pathophysiology. Patho can be a difficult class if you don’t go into it with a study plan. In this video, I’m going to talk about why pathophysiology is a hard class and give you study tips on how to succeed in patho as a nursing student.

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Andrea Vidal says:

Hi Sarah, Is Pathophysiology just one semester? I am so nervous and I 've not even started Nursing School. lol Thank you for your videos I love your accent 🙂

I. Storm says:

Omg the amount of long science words in this class is real, it's taking me 2 to 3 hours for review tests, 3 hrs for exams ( there is 10 of them) and 6 hours for the final

Janu Rapday (A2 Fan Page) says:

I am belong to indian army ❤️ very good reading

Stephen's Coaching says:

Madam love from india
Thanks for your video class🙏

Adrian Miguel says:

Incoming third year students. thanks queen

Gabi says:

Thanks for the video. What edition is the book that you recommend on this video?

Chelsea Dunham says:

starting my nursing program next month!

Elijah says:

love the southern accent lol

tomiwaspeaks says:

You should definitely become a Nurse Educator! You teach so well, thanks for all your help

Stanley Mugathi says:

Thanks so much

Ramona Moorebaker says:

Hi I need your help. PLease. My instructor told us to contact you and says that your videos are out of this world. I am from Baltimore. I love Patho but I need assistance. My next test is on Neurology. ear eyes brain spinal cord and perpherial nerves. Help.
4439931861. I will have a study group this week end. What are your other video's. I will need help reviewing cardio etc help AndSmile

Kayla Akers says:

What is medicine podcast you recommended in one of your videos?

Mistre Mekonnen says:

I Love your video. I am going to take Patho 8 wks class. What us your advice.

Anil Dev says:

Thanks dear nice idea…

Julia Pierre says:

Thank you soooooooooooo much!!!!!!! I'm taking pathophysiology in May as a 8-week session course and I definitely learned from this.😀😀😊

Hannah Polan says:

My first patho class is on Friday. I am so nervous!! Everyone has been telling me it is a hard class. My teacher uploaded our syllabus today. It was a little overwhelming reading over all the assignments I will have to complete soon. I hope that I will be successful in this class.

Anil Godara says:

Waw lovely video

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