Pediatric Nursing Review | How to Study & Pass Child Health Nursing (Peds) in Nursing School

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Pediatric Nursing Review: How to study and pass child health nursing (Peds) and study guide recommendation for Pediatric Nursing. I give you tips on how to focus study in your pediatric nursing class. Along with material you will be tested on for exams and give you study tips on what material to study.

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Love Mariah says:

I wish my school paid you. They use your videos so much lol

Johnny Pinkleton says:

I’m not interested in PEDs unfortunately :/. I hope It grows on me

Arianna Diaz says:

great video!

september Bland says:

As a pediatric instructor, I have listened to this video and approve of everything Sarah suggests for passing the pediatric exams and the peds course. I will be suggesting that my students watch this video.

FutureRN_Corey _ says:

This woman is a god send to nursing students. 😂

brittany zwerk says:

Our school hates us. They crammed Mens Health, Womens health, Prenatal, OB, Postpartum , an all of Pediatrics in one class for one semester for LPN! They called it Growing Family. Accelerated is the worst. And thanks to COVID we were shortened 4 weeks!!

B W says:

When you are just starting highschool and are watching this lol 😂


How long for Pediatric registered nurse.

nikgkhkck says:

That first sentence, " NOT INTERESTED IN PEDS" spoke to my soul lol but i know that I have to get over it to pass this test !!!!!!! Sarah, do you have any videos of the different systems and complications
in peds ??

MyNana says:

Want you to know, the PN Students that spend the time to view ALL your videos, they pass their classroom quizzes and exams, HESI Exams/Quizzes/Case Studies and the NCLEX-PN. They also become competent, enjoy and excel in their PEDS Rotations. Bless you and Thank you.

Hwa Y Boo says:

My school made this class into a half semester class instead of a full semester…. 🙁

Monique Jones says:

Would this apply to LPN students as well?

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