[Manga Monday] Frankenstein: Junji Ito's Story Collection

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Shadow Moon says:

girlll calm down.

Snoodless The noodle says:

“Tonight I am become a god “

Pokehon says:

Just watched the anime and now I’m getting into the manga.

Aaron Atkinson says:

Pinpal is also a name of a very good creepypasta story too

Aaron Atkinson says:

Wait there even mr junji ito shirts girl count me in

Nute Gunray says:

Awesome review! And "I am become death" is an actual quote, but Junji uses God instead of death! Hearing that, I am now even more invested!

Keep up the great work 🤘

The Anime Libarian says:

Your energy is intense

can you Sub To build the wall says:

Hi you're so beautiful

Will Barrett says:

which book has the evil boy in it ?

Inzu Bukutopia says:

haha.. my eyes catch immediately to your tshirt.. that's cool.. luv it

Zethren Beltran says:

Got mine today! Only have shiver and this, hope they reprint izumaki with that matches the new cover, really want to get that.

Riaan Kruger says:

I'm getting my copy in 2 weeks!

Tazka says:

Never read a junji ito story whats a good starting one?

KatyushaRockets says:

OMG that sweater
– story about the biological weapon clamp onto organic life? No Problem
– story about the tree that kills? No Problem
– story about why dad's dead under the house? No Problem
However, I'm still terrified by the hole in the mountain story to this day especially moreso since I actually had a nightmare about it and woke up in the middle of the night because of it.

Jose Prendes says:

Yes! I wondered if you got this, too. I love Ito so much! Glad to know you’re a fan, as well.

JustyHooked says:

Man I will have to get some junji ito at some point love your manga vids

1-minute Spanish says:

First comment… 😀

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