Best Mystery and Thriller Books | 5-star Book Recommendations (Nail-Biting Suspense Guaranteed)

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In this video, I bring to you a list of Best Mystery and Thriller Books that includes only 5-star Book Recommendations that are bound to guarantee you some “Nail-Biting Suspense”.

Not all of these mystery and thriller books are my recent reads but all of them are edge-of-the-seat thrillers that kept me hooked right till the very end. From domestic thrillers to psychological thrillers, from murder mysteries to borderline paranormal ones – these books will keep you on your toes.

This video is brought to you by the Author Vee Kumari whose debut work, Dharma: A Rekha Rao Mystery has been getting some rave reviews from the reader community in both India and abroad.

Read the book blurb here –

Meet my protagonist, Rekha Rao, a thirty-something Indian American professor of art history. Disillusioned by academia and haunted by the murder of her father, for which she believes police convicted the wrong person, she moves away from her match-making family.

She’s focusing on managing her PTSD and healing her heart broken by an abusive boyfriend. She gets entangled in a second murder, that of her mentor and father figure. An idol of the Hindu Goddess Durga is the murder weapon left on the body. Detective Al Newton asks her to look into the relationship, if any, between the meaning of the statue and the motive for the murder. Rekha is attracted to Al but steers clear of him because of her distaste for cops and fear of a new relationship, sticking to her job.

The two constantly clash, starting a love-hate relationship. Meanwhile, her family sets her up to meet a suitor, an Indian attorney, who turns out to be a very likable man. When police arrest one of her students and accuse her mentor of idol theft, Rekha’s dharma, her sense of duty, rears its head and propels her into looking for the killer on her own.

Despite admonitions from Al and bodily harm caused by an intruder who broke into her home, Rekha finds the killer, and in the process, emerges from the cocoon of a protected upbringing, to taste the prospect of a romance, and discover her true identity.

About the Author – Vee Kumari has earned a doctorate in Anatomy. Her career includes working for the UC Davis Medical Center for over thirty-five years and later at the Keck School of Medicine for five years. Dharma, A Rekha Rao Mystery is her debut work that combines a murder mystery with India’s rich cultural history to bring to us a one-of-a-kind thriller.

She has also produced and acted in a lead role in a short film, Halwa which won the first prize in HBO’s 2019 APAV contest. She has already started work on her next fiction, which will be about an Indian immigrant family whose aspirations of living the Big American dream are shattered when one of their twin daughters go missing.

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Chiku Fipu says:

Really loved all your recommendations….I have been reading many of ur suggested books…just loving those👍… thank you

bubun bubun says:

(Secrets of sanatan dharam) must read book available on Amazon and kindle*

gaikwadsachin15 says:

I read all the comments to see of anyone has posted it .

Behind Her eyes – Sarah Pinborough
Alex – Pierre Lemaitre
Tell me your dreams – Sidney Sheldon

Sanviksha Rawatkar says:

This books are readable by beginning too ? Plzz tell because i love you book recommended 🤗

BhanuSri Yanamadala says:

Thank you for recommendations.. I would suggest you to read Books by Bhaskar Chattopadhyay So far I read 4 books all are amazing

Dashing Gamer says:

This is my fav video of yours….😊

Jaywanth Kumar Palakaluri says:

Thank you ma'am………..

Arshika says:

The silent patient is a wonderful book

Snigdha Naskar says:

I am watching your videos now?

Snigdha Naskar says:

Great hosting.

Snigdha Naskar says:

Which app do you use for editing?

Snigdha Naskar says:

Your speaking only thrilled me.

The MadReader says:

Your description box is always special… I open it even before I go on with the video…

suyash sengar says:

Hey Folks! "A Read Anything Under The Sun Kinds" – I find the evolving reading environment super interesting.
For a Ph.D. Thesis, want to gauge just that & there's no place better than the good readers here. Do show your love and spare us 2 mins of your valuable time. Peace Out!

Dhruvraj Poojary says:

Agatha Christie is one of the best mystery thriller writer . I love her books 😁 . how many have you read?

Aditya Jaiswal says:

Thanks a lot Didi…You r the one who inspired me to read books.i didn't know much about books but after watching your videos,i am hooked.

Aradhya Jagga says:

I am surely going to read Dharma. Thanks for amazing recommendations. And I love to read books from thriller , mystery and horror journa.

Anirudh M. p says:

43th comments right

v Praveen says:

#1) DHARMA it has a mind bending narration 👌 awesome.

Abhishek M says:

They look like great recommendations, will definitely give them a try. Btw i have a request, can you please conduct a video interview on this channel with amish or ashwin sanghi or any indian author you like? I think this is the best time to try as all of them are homebound. Plz give it a try.

Prerana Bhatt says:

You are not Alone was a okay read for me, reading Home before Dark book now. <3

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