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Our panel discusses the latest issue of “Agent Wonder” and the first book in the “Black Siren” series.

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Jeffrey Brown says:

I actually wanna see Brad get kicked in the nuts! I will make this happen. any more requests please send them in!

reyna disalvo says:

Love those books!

Danielle Gilmore says:

i love thst the models are actual characters in the comics. it gives the fans a chance to meet the favs in person

Jerry R. says:

I have been fortunate to get some of these books from the kids working the comic con and met a few of the young ladies. bunch of nice kids keep up the good work

Jack Davis says:

Who doesn't love a strong female hero? Let alone a whole building full of them.

Evan Kizmyazz says:

Ok I'm binge watching these back to back & it is so cool that I was actually there live when they were filming some of this. The books are second to none full of action & beautiful sexy girls that can kick ass and these guys are good at their jobs

A K47 says:

The glasses are cool like to know where he got those. He looks like a big geeky Stevie Wonder if he were a member of the 80's band Devo

Adam BOMB says:

The books look interesting but is there any action video with Agent Wonder or Vicious or Black Siren available anywhere. I'm turning my friends on to your videos and we been watching now we want live action if you got it.We want Agent Wonder to kick Brad in the nuts hahaha

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