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asobidiot presents audible charts to listen and learn the latest trends! This chart is created by integrating Amazon Best Sellers, Barnes & Noble Top100 and The New York Times Best Sellers. Discover trending Book among [More]
Keeping Up With The Comics is my review of comics that I am currently reading. The books I’m keeping up with are King Grimlock #4 & Not All Robots #4. Check it out, hit that [More]
Checking out some more of Marvel’s early 70’s horror comics with The Monster of Frankenstein! Amazon link: The Monster of Frankenstein Complete Collection Special Thanks to VerminArt for helping out with the comic book [More]
#1 best-selling author on amazon Amit Offir is the international best-selling author of dozens of books in different genres. Amit has had dozen books in the top ten at the same time, including #1 and [More]
the third part in The dark cybertron. and its ok it s like a steak in the middle not so juice not so tender but still chewable. so check it out
Today I unwrap one of the hardest-to-find pairs of books in my entire collection – Tomb of Dracula! Want to find out more about how to collect your favorite comics (or read more about my [More]
We look back at the original run of Marvel’s “Dr. Strange” comic books by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Benedict Cumberbatch is starring in a movie adaptation which is scheduled for release on November 4th, [More]
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The Boys talk Crossover from Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw, Not All Robots from Mark Russel and Mike Deodato Jr., the HEELS Trailer from Stephen Amel, an muc more. Please like, subscribe, and share! To [More]
Buy Dracula Comics from Comics Price – Rs 224/- Join Bullseye Press Comics : FB Official Group Old videos of bullseyepress Overall – English – Jalim manjha – Adhira Mohi [More]
Cold War Comics specializes in pre-code comic books with a Cold War theme. This includes comics with art and stories about the Korean War and Cold War espionage. My goal is to better acquaint you [More]
From our Wizard Magazine issue 3 episode. Thanks Drek Shep for point us toward this piece of first-hand commentary from Bill Wray about his (and Bruce Jones) strip that inspired the film They Live. [More]
We polled and you asked for our Top 10 Sci Fi Comics! But there were many, so we polled again and you asked for two separate videos. So here we have the first of them: [More]
The image comics spree continues with the first installment of Nailbiter : There Will Be Blood… Genre :- Crime, Mystery, Thriller…. Enjoy…
A really cool exclusove comic i got from Halcon this weekend! Thanks for watching! I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC. Facebook page:
Comics: The Last Zombie: Comics: Sonic X. Comics: Batman – Arkham Unhinged: Comics: World of Warcraft: Comics: Halo:
I decided to make video talking about Frankenstein’s influence on comic books. If the editing seems strange, it’s because I edited this down from a 21 minute video.
NIOBE SHE IS LIFE – Lord of the Rings fans will love this book. The heroine, Niobe, is the daughter of elf king and human mother is fighting to discover her true identity. Orcs, dwarves, [More]
Pokemon: The Original Series Film Animation Film 1 Rare Comic Book European Edition available in 2001 ” The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back ” and ” The Movie 2000: The Power of One ” – [More]
In this video I review the first volume of Detective Comics Rebirth deluxe hardcover from DC Comics. Collects: Detective Comics #934-949. Written by James Tynion IV Art by Eddy Barrows and Alvado Martinez. Thanks for [More]
great opening story the art in this is great it gives the suporting caracters ther own space to grow all and all a great story just wish you dident need to read the last run [More]
A lot of you guys asked to see DT’s comic book collection after seeing the Amazing Fantasy 15 in our Christmas video ( So we thought we’d make a challenge out of it. We have [More]
Our panel discusses the latest issue of “Agent Wonder” and the first book in the “Black Siren” series.
Frankenstein: The Graphic Novel, Original Text Version review. Classic Game Room presents a CGR Comics review of this adaptation of the original 1818 Mary Shelley novel. While it may seem that boring book may not [More]