20+ Mini Book Reviews!! | May Wrapup

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The Random Diaries says:

I read The Binding last May on a flight, and I was sooooooo excited to get to it (I bought the incredibly beautiful Waterstones edition too) and the book had such promise, but like you, it ended up being "meh" for me. I felt like it had such potential to be truly thrilling and the mystery shrouding everything could've been amplified by a better ending. I suspected the ending pretty early on and so from then on I was just dreading finishing it. I remember reading the last page, closing the book and just looking around in my seat on the plane wanting to vent to somebody loool 🤣

Bookchelves says:

I really loved this video have subscribed! For Lena Dunham, there is quite a lot of videos discussing her and what she’s done in the past with evidence and such 🙂

Stephanie Parnell says:

I love Coralie Bickford Smith too. Beautiful books

Crystal C says:

I didn’t like Baby Teeth either. I was disappointed because I had heard good things. But it totally missed the mark.

Gabby V. says:

Your review for ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ is so spot on. I had to DNF. Also the way you have organized your bookshelf is beautiful!

natalka says:

i am so jealous! in may i read only 3 books… i am staying with you, it’s so cool youtube recommend me this video and your channel:) have a nice day

AB Ree Reads says:

I will definitely be picking up Citizen! I also read Baby Teeth in May lol, it was so pointless!!

Bradie Reads Sometimes says:

I read reconstructing Amelia years and years ago, trust me , the ending wasn’t worth it. It sucked

Patrick King says:

11:55 – Not only could anyone create that cover using Word on their computer, they could fall asleep on the keyboard and type a better book

mauification says:

I dnf-ed not that kind of girl by page 40 because it wasn’t relatable at all and I felt like her thoughts and stories were all over the place.

mauification says:

I also didn’t enjoy Han Kang’s The Vegetarian. It left me confused and it made me feel stupid because I didn’t get the hype. 😅 That’s why I was so skeptical about Human Acts.

Crazy4myshelf says:

Baby Teeth was really good. It was creepy and terrifying but in a good way.

annibtj says:

omg may was such a good reading month for you queen!!!

It’s all about my collection says:

O dear I also wanna give reviews as a vdo like u but people said its not legal in uk is it plz telllll

ALibraReads says:

Lots of books I've never heard of!! Thanks for sharing!

Christina Campbell Books says:

I have Baby Teeth on my Goodreads TBR. Like you, I like my mystery/thrillers to feel realistic so I think I'll probably knock it off my list!

izcurrentlyreading says:

Your bookshelves are so pretty omg – I love the pastels!!
You read so many books, I will never reach your level haha. Thank you for sharing all of these titles 🙂 there's such a big mix

Annie-Mz says:

Great range of books! Thank you for your thoughts!

distant_sounds says:

I loved 'City of Thieves' as well. Another of his is 'The 25th Hour' which is really good too. Problem is, he's never written another novel since Game of Thrones started. It's been 12 years now since he's written one.

lavenderlady says:

can u hold up the whole book in the shot so we see it better???tks.

lavenderlady says:

i just found you! 👏👍😁

Peace&Cookies〉(^_^)〈 says:

Woah such a vast range of books! I've read the fox and the star and it was so beautiful. I think I may need to reread it

A Frolic Through Fiction says:

25 BOOKS?? gal that's amazing omg! I haven't read it but I feel like I'd have similar opinions to you on The Binding – I'm intrigued but for some reason I feel like I wouldn't love it entirely. Loved hearing your thoughts on it!

elenathegreat says:

22:00 omg that hardback wow

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