Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge: 46 Mini Book Reviews!!! || Rory Gilmore Reads #1

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“I live in two worlds. One is a world of books.” – Rory Gilmore

To say I’m a fan of Gilmore Girls would be the understatement of the century!! Rory is one of the biggest reasons why I’m the reader, and also the person, that I am today. She inspired my love of reading, encouraged my passion for academics, and taught me to take pride in who I am!

If you’re also an honorary Gilmore Girl (or Guy), then I’m sure you know about the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. It is the list of all 389 books seen or referenced on the show. Slowly but surely I am making my way through each book. So far I have read 46 out of the 389!!! I had a lot of fun talking about how, when, or why I read each of them, and gave 46 mini book reviews! Among them are many classics (of course), but also some favorite modern books!!

I plan on making this a series on my channel called: RoryGilmoreReads (a spinoff of my and many other booktuber’s channel names) I have so many video ideas for this series, and I can’t wait to share them with you!…I may even do a Jess Mariano reading list/challenge!!

If you haven’t watched Gilmore Girls……….then STOP reading this and go start watching!!!!! If you’re a reader (which I’m assuming you are since you’re watching booktube) then you’ll most definitely love it!!!

Rory’s Full Graduation Speech:

Both Volumes of Little Women:
…and many more!

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Take The Rory Gilmore Reading List Challenge, And See How Many You’ve Read:

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Happy Reading 🙂

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Rozy Berger says:

rroy elisoe

Lorena Gurgel says:

omgggg where can i get this shirt???its soo freaking cuute🥺🥺

Riikka Salmela says:

omg, i know im like a year late but i had to comment that i also found frankenstein boring!! glad im not alone hahah

Morine says:

A book within a book 😍

Jennifer Fogarty says:

I just looked up the Jess reading list. Gilmore Girls and book lists both make me so happy! Love this video! P.S. Walt Whitman was born near me too! Hello LI neighbor! <3

paperbackacademie says:

1:38 you look a little like Rory herself. 🙂 I loved the video.

rodoh22 says:

If you ever get to contemplate a more blue collar American Girl, reading challenge, you could always look into the books read by probably Americas best read eight year old, namely Lisa Simpson, (although she has been eight years old for a very long time) the list is questionable as to it's suitability for a eight year old but includes amy classics and is very varied.
And thank you for a most enjoyable and interesting video.

Elizabeth Pineda says:

I used to love reading but for a while I stopped, now I just finished the tv show and I'm going to do the Rory Gilmore Challenge, it will take a while but I have time.

asya says:

I love this video! I have literally been sitting down every day for like 15 minutes with you and a notebook. I am writing down all the Rory books I want to get haha. Thanks so much.

Ana Carolina Botelho says:

OMG! I just read Frankenstein, and felt the same as you. I got super bored, didn't think the story was so captivating to me.

Robin says:

Oh my God, can´t believe you went throught Ana Karenina with McMillar Collector's edition, the font is so small, how did you not get, well, blind?!

Kirsten Angeles says:

I love the intro you gave; it warmed my heart ❤️

Jen M says:

I read great expectations in high school, but in the weekly installment newspaper format that it was originally released. It was really interesting to read that way! I’d like to re-read it as an adult, in book form.

Jackie's Literary Corner says:

I loved Rory and related to her, and still do to an extent, but as the show continued I didn't connect as much to Rory. I have read 1984, Anne Frank (need to reread though.), Catcher in Rye (can't stand Caulfield), I need to reread Charlotte's Web too. I need to get a more portable copy of A Christmas Carol. I think I bought my copy of Jekyll and Hyde last year. Seen the Eloise movies. I just reread Fahrenheit 451 last year and am going to reread Brave New World soon.

Sofia Ramos says:

A Jess Mariano reading list would be so cool!!

FS says:

read 19/339 books on Rory's list

katie's Chronicles says:

I so want to do this challenge. If you did a bookclub for this I would so join it

Mary Jane Caneo says:

Love your gilmore shirt reference! You're really like Rory to me! 😍🙌🏼📚

Micah Lawrence says:

I'm amazed Ulysses and Finnegan's Wake were on that list. Tough, tough books!

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