The BEST dragon book ever…period! Legendary dragons by Jetpack7

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This is it, the best dragon book on the market as far as I am concerend:

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Craig Berndt says:

Look into the dragon lance campaign setting from the 3e and3.5e time period! So excellent

jasonwow9 says:

Haha, you nearly said vagina

Miles Main says:

Getting the hard copy layer this week. So. Excited. Also, one could easily use the Dragon companion stats and level progression for that one player who will inevitably ask to play a dragon Gygax said it happens at least once in every DMs career, and he said you should say YES! This book gives us the tool!

CowboyJJ99 says:

It still says preorder on the website. If I buy it will I still have to wait? Or is the website not updated. Also do I get the PDF while I wait?

John Cartwright says:

Get another well done video MrT.

decado1628 says:

The book looks very promising but their website is a pain to navigate.

Dirk Baarda says:

"..for years….still there isn't any official content that realy delves into dragons.." I'm guessing you never checked other editions than 5e, cause 'the Draconomicon' from 3.5 is a beautiful book with a deepdive in anything dragon + lore and to most a collector's item.

Leodous Kyron says:

This feels like an ad more then a review. Thanks for letting me know about it though. I hear they do good things and you make it sound nice.

Luke Friesen says:

I’ve had this book since the initial PDF release on Kickstarter & tho its really not bad at all, I was very excited before reading it & hoped it’d be better.

The Good:
Class features (I added bits to my pc’s ranger, which worked well)

The Sometimes Good:
The dragons, if you can fit them into a campaign. The lore feels quite random to me, which is something I often find in d&d.
There are lower-lvl enemies that I have been able to use easily (the dragonant was fun for a bit.)

What I Wish it Had:
Details on the Dragon’s Lairs, like maps or descriptions. Chuck’s Dragons, a cheaper supplement, does a good job of these.

A short a prewritten adventure, or even a piece of one, to bring some of its content into focus & help the functionality.

More cohesive lore.

Less pages. Some content feels padded. They could’ve edited it down for better reading & more quality over quantity, but maybe they wanted a higher page count & chose to leave mediocre content in with the good content. IE, I’d pay more for less pages.
[I should admit, I haven’t re-read the latest PDF release so it’s possibly they’ve done more editing to fix this.]

Frederiek Vandepitte says:

Finaly something I don't want to add to my wishlist. Because I have it 😎

Sylvain Cousineau says:

Salathiir look very friendly .

Marpaws's Den says:

correction, you can only make the dragon act with your own actions.

Jetpack7 says:

Oh one more thing! We're coming out with a "nerfing" guide for these dragons, so you can use them in lower level campaigns. It'll be free to download, with a "name your price" if you're feeling generous! Follow us on twitter (@jetpack_7) or join our discord to be notified (link is on our website, bottom right corner) 😀

Jetpack7 says:

Hey @Mr T! You got Draken pronounced right!

Everyone else, won't you join our discord server?

See you there!

Stratos Fotakis says:

A really cool book with lots of Epic Dragons. They all seem unique and can be slotted either as allies or villains in almost any campaign. Looking forward to getting my hands on this book. Great job and very nice review!

New Korean신한국인 says:

Thanks for the review! Glad to hear you like it 😀

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