Let's Talk About Love Triangles in YA Fantasy | book rant and review

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Hi everyone, after a YA fantasy series seriously messed with my emotions, I want to chat with you about the love triangle trope. I’m not going to be super critical (but with some of these perhaps we should be…) so pls don’t take this too seriously. Just some guilty pleasure fun. Sending you love!

3:16 – 7:16, 16:07 – 17:22 The Black Witch – https://tidd.ly/3oCcq1K
7:16 – 9:11 Throne of Glass – https://tidd.ly/2HMH1ZA
9:12 – 11:00 The Mortal Instruments – https://tidd.ly/328ZoPJ
9:12 – 12:48 The Infernal Devices – https://tidd.ly/3ecS5Lt
12:55 – 13:09 The Hunger Games – https://tidd.ly/35E3hwO
13:09 – 13:57 A Court of Thorns and Roses – https://tidd.ly/34AGnqM
13:57 – 14:08 Twilight – https://tidd.ly/2HJMW1r
14:08 – 16:07 Red Queen – https://tidd.ly/2TBg5yt
Funny Goodreads review (major The Black Withc Spoilers!!!) https://bit.ly/3mzrOds

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Let’s Talk About Love Triangles in YA Fantasy | book rant and review


cari can read says:

** just posted a shadowhunters-inspired music playlist for your listening pleasure lol**

This is the Infernal Devices Spoiler Section. Open at your own risk!
So, how would you end it? Did you like the epilogue/glimpse of the future we got? What should have happened to Jem?

Mary Beth Mabey says:

I have read the Red Queen series, and I too had mixed emotions reading it, especially the concluding book War Storm. BUT I would recommend reading the prequel, Cruel Crown. I actually enjoyed the read. 🙂

Blueberry Babe says:

I always root for the wrong guy and get my heart broken

Helin Kaya says:

I am currently reading the last book of the red queen series, and I LOVE IT

Joyce Sherrí says:

This was fun but I need a spoiler version so I can grab some popcorn and hear all the tea with your unfiltered opinion!

Indy Huny says:

I have weird feelings for Katniss i gotta say she’s way more of a bitch in the book .

My teacher : but she SaCrIFicEs herself!
Me:Ya that’s her one redeeming quality good for u!!! I hate her. She’s stupid and u see no character development imo

And they kiss in the middle of the games.. tf?

Sophie Sings says:

I wanna see a love triangle where the main character and a side character like the same person. So tired of every boy chasing after the female protagonist.

justLissy says:

I just watched this video and I was so excited that you were talking about The Black Witch Chronicles. I LOVED the first two books, but I couldn't finish the third book; it was just too much. I shipped Elloren and Yvan A LOT but then Laurie Forest had to do that 😭😭😭

Elise Esbjornsson says:

I usually hate love triangles, but goddamn, TID is so well written

Rin Boyd says:

dude I just saw the Hunger Games and went "wait when was there ever a love triangle in that lmao" and that's how much Gale means to me

Mattie A says:

I don't think people should read Throne of Glass for the "romance", it's a high fantasy series with an AMAZING plot, and the MC is sooo interesting. Just focusing on the love is not fair to the series which has SOOOO much to offer


I don’t like katniss either lol but the seris was really amazing I kinda wish she ended up alone

Mishellyloves Books says:

I will have to read the Black witch!! I plan on reading TOG I love , love triangles!

Fatima Halilu says:

The shatter me series is really good 👍

Ryan Stannard says:

So… the most important question is… which side did you pick in the infernal devices?
I was a jem fan to the death personally.

LittleMyisBestGurl says:

I stopped reading red queen at the 3rd book cause I lowkey hated the mc

Namjoon’s Cute dimples says:

not related but u look like venus

Alexandria Nepean says:

honestly i lowkey love love triangles haha i know they're a common thing to hate but ugh something about that buttery buttery drama just soothes my soul no matter how poorly executed it is hahaha it's my dumpster ok xD

Anna Pons says:

I hated the red queen with passion. It was SO bland SO boring, everything felt forced and cold. The “spin off” was bad bc I didn’t even like the characters, there was no connection between them whatsoever. Big mess. I felt that book was like a movie script and it was created to make a movie saga happen. Never read the second one and I had to force myself to finish the first.

Aoife Goggin says:

I love love LOVE The Black Witch series

Abir Fa says:

WHY? The comments about TID had me crying AGAIN!😭😭😭😢

Mack Burwell says:

Will, Jem, and Tess should've been in a polyamorous relationship

Kristyn Clarke says:

The only YA author to successfully execute a love triangle is and will always be…. SABAA TAHIR. I rest my case. Everyone in the triangle has a purpose, the love triangle doesn't take over the plot, and no ones perfect.

Paloma Pérez says:

The second book of Red Queen wasn't really my thing, Mer was all the time saying negative things and I was tired of her, I really hated her but idkw in the third one I liked more (the plot not Mer) and I actually cried at the end of the third one ( I don't usually cry) (btw srry for my English I'm Spanish 🤷)

Paloma Pérez says:

Red Queen is just so good

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