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Welcome to our new podcast series, Writers Talk. In our fourth podcast, we talk about a list of the Top 100 Fantasy Books. Writers Talk 4 | Top 100 Fantasy Books It’s the most popular [More]
From our Wizard Magazine issue 3 episode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Phn9CShGjGg Thanks Drek Shep for point us toward this piece of first-hand commentary from Bill Wray about his (and Bruce Jones) strip that inspired the film They Live. [More]
Hi everyone, after a YA fantasy series seriously messed with my emotions, I want to chat with you about the love triangle trope. I’m not going to be super critical (but with some of these [More]
The Collector | Middle Grade Horror Book Talk // Hi all! Long time no see! In this video, I do a review and summary of a new(ish) lower middle grade horror novel: The Collector by [More]
Buy the book using my Amazon affiliate link – https://amzn.to/2MwNZ5S Read the detailed book review of That Thing About You by Abhaidev here – Love fiction? Check out some of the latest fiction books here [More]
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Hello beautiful bookworms! Today I bring you my first author analysis and as for the time: it is spooky!!! Hope you guys enjoy it! Tomie Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmMoqK1u2jo Bookstagram: catarinathebookworm Twitter: @catarinabooks
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The Wild Robot Escapes by Peter Brown is going to help a whole lot of kids fall in love with reading. I’m so glad Peter brought us back to this amazing work. Purchase the book [More]
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this is definitely more ramble than review but I really enjoyed blood of elves and I’m excited to read the rest of the books in the series The Last Wish Review: https://youtu.be/QL55l2U0pDs Sword of Destiny [More]
http://www.mixologytalk.com/12 There are dozens of fantastic cocktail books out there – going back as far as the 19th century. Here are the three that we’ll recommend starting with!
How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships Audiobook Part 1
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Answering all the BookTube questions….. okay not all but A LOT loll Thank you to everyone who asked questions! I’m sorry I couldn’t get to all of them but I’ll definitely be doing more Q&A’s [More]
Simon has a chat with you all about why he loves crime books and some of the sub genres he particularly loves, and some of the books in those subgenres that he loves. It’s a [More]
Talk About A Book You Have Recently Read | Latest IELTS Cue | 8.0 Band Sample With Hindi Explanation or Describe Your Favourite Book Is A Very Important Cue Card In The Recent List Of [More]
Find out more about LIFE AFTER LIFE at www.randomhouse.com.au/atkinson LIFE AFTER LIFE is Kate Atkinson’s stunning new novel, about a woman who lives through the most turbulent events of the 20th century, including the London [More]
My novel Turtles All the Way Down comes out in SEVEN DAYS. More info on the book and our tour: http://turtlesallthewaydownbook.com In which John recommends some of his favorite fiction, poetry, and nonfiction reading of [More]
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