YOU by Caroline Kepnes ∆ Book Review!

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My spoiler free review of one of my favorite psychological thrillers!

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Kim E says:

Joe really lost me with his hate for King. I get it, but like people need to buy books to keep you in business man. 😅 I think the show did a good job of cutting some of the fat out of the book.

Savannah k says:

I didn't even know the tv show is based off of a book😂 so I'm gonna stop watching it and just read it.

Rosa Gudny says:

The audiobook version is great, so well read. I was laughing out loud while walking places and on the subway. Recommended.

Arleigh Lua says:

Wow this did become a series lol

Vaibhav Shinde says:

Is there any way to read this book online for free?

Rain Of Wonder says:

Loved the tv show

Rubin4749 says:

This review reminds me of how many women came to Ben Affleck's defense when the rumors were flying around about him molesting women. Of course because Affleck is handsome, many women say he couldn't possibly molest women. It's only "gross" and "disgusting" guys like Harvey Weinstein, that we can IMMEDIATELY "know" were the "types" to molest women. What group brings this type talk Stackss discusses in her "rant" upon themselves?? YOU be the judge.

Saleen Sumer says:

I dont understand
Why people shame frome buying dan brown book ?

charisma225 says:

The Audio Book is Awesome. Narrator is Santino Fontana, his voice really grips you.. I will look out for his other work.
Thanks for your book review!

plskillmeg0d says:

It's now becoming a TV show!

Debra Mallory says:

Penn is abt 33 & it does say at the beginning of the book, Joe is 36, i believe. He's older than her…

Richen Angel Mendoza-Agrava says:

I dont know but am I the only one that didn't really get it? but I finished it in 2 days because Joe is really funny. I just dont know if the Kindle version is different from the paper back… I love thriller books but this one is not the same as other thriller books that I have read. I dont know how to feel about it. its like meh… for me. LOL

thebookbarista says:

Just finished this book, and though it was entertaining and definitely kept me hooked in I don't know if I'll continue with Hidden Bodies. The book was a bit long and some of the more horrific parts fell a bit flat for me.

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