Witcher Books Detailed Summary: Book 3 – Blood of Elves

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This is my detailed summary of Andrzej Sapkowski’s 1994 publication “Blood of Elves.” This novel will continue to follow Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer, and Dandelion as they try to ensure Ciri’s safety and unravel the mystery behind her. It also introduces Triss Merrigold.

Link to Last Wish: “Question of Price” summary – https://youtu.be/8lafQlV-1vU?t=11m52s

Link to Sword of Destiny: “Something More” summary – https://youtu.be/TfBNznMcb5E?t=36m13s


Tijil Jha says:

hey plzz ypload time of comtempt book plzzz

Lucas Rueda says:

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into these videos. Recently Iv been reading the Witcher book for the first time and After each book, I always feel like I missed certain details or didn't remember every detail so instead of reading each book 2 times these summaries are amazing alternatives. I might read the books again anyway though they re so good.

Valentin Fauque says:

Great recap except for all the butchered names 🙂

Wyatt Ignaczak says:

This helps a ton! I read the third book as a free choice in my English class and now I need to make a complete timeline of the 8 biggest events in the book and this helps a ton in getting all the information in order and neatly laid out.

BIKarus says:

Thank you so much for making these videos. I’m reading all the books, and it’s nice to have these videos to solidify the books in my memory. They also allow me to make new connections I’d have not thought of before

Lam tu phu says:

I have some questions, sorry if I have any grammar mistakes, English not my first language!
When did Dandelion tell Geralt about Rience? How they met after geralt sent ciri to Melitele?

Nick Innis LordeMusty II says:

Bookmark 42:06

Josue Centurion Domaniczky says:

"the novels will be shorter videos" ended up even larger

forbiddenXsanctuary says:

Should time stamp each chapter

Jeff says:

Dude, seriously you are the BEST!! I am reading the books along with these videos, and check with these videos when I don’t understand something. i LOVE how you don’t reveal spoilers and keep to the proper order of the story as described in the book!!

Pepper Wight Creations says:

This is fantastic! Thank you so much! I’m really getting into the books but was confused as I started with this book first instead of the short stories xxx

Godfrey of Bouillon says:

Despite small mistakes here and there, your videos are the most comprehensive, accurate and interesting I've seen on youtube on the subject. Very good job!

HenrikTheEpic says:

Thank you so much for making this!

Danny Matson says:

Awesome work. Love what you've done here.

Eddie Smock says:

I read this book first. Then I realized this should have been the 3rd book I read. So I went back and read the first two books. I remembered most of what happened in this book but had forgotten some things. This caught me so I didn't have to reread this. This video was extremely helpful. Thanks.

Stephanie Pislis says:

I love these videos, man. Thanks so much for making them!

The Western Corner Flag says:

Would love for you to do a book 5 summary

Mike French says:

Finish the series, these vids are great!

BurtSampson says:

Holy shit, your pronunciations.

Red Wolf says:

Thanks so much for doing this! I listen to every summary after I read one of the books to make sure I got everything! The is helps allot for me leading into the game trilogy! Great work buddy!

Pydar Pie says:

Helpful videos, thanks.

Kuju says:

I'm about to resume the series where I left it, Times of Contempt, after months of not reading and these videos were great to recap on everything that happened. Thanks for the videos, great work!

Hmarus Maximus says:

Jarre Jarre binks

Slivvy Saturn says:

Great vid, really helped me understand moments that left me kind of confused. Hope to see more of your vids

OT9 says:

Thanks in advance for your simple summaries of the books, I've been listening to the audio books recently and have only noticed the insane amount of insinuation implied in The Witcher 3 (I'll play TW2 eventually, promise!) game to THIS book!

NIKO says:

thank God I'm not the only one who's obsessed with the witcher books – one of the best parts in this book is where Triss forces Geralt to show emotion. very strong and powerful part developing Geralts character even more

DownToJack says:

Thank you so much for the great summary! Left the book half done and wanted a quick reminder and I really liked how you summarized it without leaving any details out xD

Vlaam15 says:

Hi there. Since you seem to be interested in pronunciation of names, I think I can help with some of the more Germanic and French names. More knowledgeable people, please confirm or correct me, but it seems there's a lot of French, German and Dutch thrown in the mix of names. If Dijkstra is indeed not a Polish name, it's a Dutch one. The ij in Dijkstra is pronounced like the ai in the word "air". If I find any other things I can help with, happy to oblige, unless you find it annoying (which would be understandable), then feel free to delete this message.
Loving this series, by the way, thank you!

Yash Ojha says:

Thanks alot dude, I am not into reading novels but I am into the Witcher lore and wanted to know how the cannon story went. I came across your videos yesterday, i'll catch up by tomorrow. Keep up the good work! I hate portals.

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