Which is the BEST SEAT in movie THEATRES (Technically)? 3D Animation #shorts

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Which is the BEST SEAT in movie THEATRES (Technically)? 3D Animation #Shorts

When it comes to booking a movie ticket, singles always remain confused regarding which seat would be the best for them, and for the ones who are in a relationship, nothing is best than this corner seat. But the question arises that; which seat of a movie theater is considered to be the best from the scientific angle.

According to the science engineers, a balanced sound of the speakers mounted on the side walls of the cinema halls can be received only from these seats. If you choose any seat left or right to these seats, you will observe that one side is louder than other.

According to the movie theater engineers, your peripheral vision will be only this much from the front seats, i.e, you will be able to see only this much screen keeping your neck at rest. Whereas if you select the last seats, your peripheral vision will also cover the distractions like speakers, walls etc., alongside the screen, which may ruin your experience of watching the movie completely.

But if you choose these mid row seats, your experience is going to be the best, because your peripheral vision and the screen will be same in size.

Incase you are unware, I have something interesting to tell for the love birds and the people who record the movies, and the thing is that these theaters are also equipped with the night vision cameras.

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