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The Year of Horror Book Club!

Throughout 2019 we will be reading and discussing some of the most disturbing books of all time. On the last Thursday of every month I will post a review/discussion of that month’s book. In each video I will also showcase the next 2 months’ book club picks.

Want to join in on the discussion?
• Discord group chat – https://discord.gg/xSHWAC7
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The Year of Horror Book Club Pics:
• January – We Need to Talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver
• February – Penpal by Dathan Auerbach
• March – Pet Cemetery by Stephen King

– Book Club Updates & Announcements: 1:30
– Spoiler-Free Review: 4:12
– Spoiler Discussion: 10:28

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Dea says:

I know this is late but.. I think every mother (except those psycho ones) would still love her child no matter what.. There are a lot of cases where parents supporting the children even they are definitely the bad one even lying to the police, on the court, help to cover what their children did just to protect them no matter what.. It's a parents' nature I guess~

jamie prince says:

I’m in the February book….sorry can’t figure out so far why it is considered disturbing….hopefully it will get better.

Zacarias Olivarez says:

I really hated this book. Do not read this book after having a new born son [which I did]. I wasn't sure what to expect but I've heard so much surrounding this book.
Eva is probably one of the worst people I've ever met (and Kevin for that matter). It is very difficult to feel any empathy for her [maybe up until the end…]. I could never be married to someone like her. If "What to Expect When You're Expecting" is the bible for expecting mothers, then this is the satanic bible for expectant mothers.
Multiple times I wanted to stop reading and abandon this book. But I guess this is what exceptional fiction sometimes does. It challenges us. This book took a lot out of me.

gkbluestocking says:

You introduced this book to me, thank you. I watched the film and am almost done with the book. I vote “nature.” Kevin should have also received corporal discipline as a child. He needed it.

Cory Cervantes says:

I loved the reference to Vanderpump rules!!! Got my copy of Penpal ready 🙂

Rebecca Lee says:

I didn’t finish the book, I read the first 100 pages and couldn’t push through. I’m looking forward to Penpal though.

Alex Baysinger says:

I think that Eva's admission about loving Kevin at the end was meant to sound hollow and kind of disingenuous. Her life has fallen apart, she's lost everyone she (truly) loved so all she has left is Kevin. She says at the end that she feels like she's been fighting her whole life and that now she's tired, so it's kind of a resigned love for Kevin. If that makes sense.

Norma 22 says:

I too had this book on my shelf for many years and am so glad you chose it. It is so hard to say what Kevin would be like if he had a different mother. But we do see Eva is capable of being a good mother to Celia more so in the book. I just didn't understand her -she seemed to me also unstable. To think that you would take an infants actions personally (like not latching on) is so bizarre to me. I read alot of thrillers but I was surprised by the ending-did not see that coming for some reason. Lots of unlikeable characters in my opinion but haunting just the same!!

Kristyn C says:

Not sure if this is really horror or thriller but definitely interesting: Haruki Murakami or David Mitchell have some great books out there

Carisa Books says:

Okay this book club is everything!! 😍 I bought We Need to Talk About Kevin recently and now I’m hesitant to read it 😬 I really wanna love this book lol I always hear about it. I read PenPal last year and I didn’t really like it. It took so long for creepy stuff to start happening and when it did I was like that’s it?! Lol. I hope you enjoy it. We need more booktubers that talk about horror! You are one of my favorites!!!! I’m excited to follow along and participate!!!

Book Break says:

I love this book so much! I want to read it again – I missed that you were doing it for this book club otherwise I would have joined. It's sooooo creepy and I feel like I'll interpret the nature/nurture aspect differently each time I read it.

Tamara Walker says:

Thank you! I never would have picked up and read "…Kevin" without this group. The novel as a series of letters was difficult for me to get into at first, and I didn't relate to Eva. I kept going, though, and it was both horrifying and heartbreaking. I liked the movie, too, but it was like fast food compared with a five course meal. I'm loaning the book to family now so I can discuss it with them!

The Nikki Diaries says:

Penpal sounds so good! Looks so creepy!

Gareth Trevor says:

Horror book one suggestion for is another steven king book the shining beacause reading it soon

Vanessa N says:

I DNFd the January pick 🙁 I just could not get past the mother's narrative. Looking forward to Penpal!

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