Transformers Comic Book Review

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In this special review video I review the two new Transformers comic books: Transformers: More then Meets The Eye #1, and Transformers: Robots In Disguise #1.

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aimannorzahariwod says:

I got mtmte from the start so I'm gonna go pick up #3 tomorrow.(a little slow, but I've been ordering batman court of owls comics and pickin up other new 52 stuff). Anyways, After your review o rid, I thought to myself, why not get that an collect both in tandem, since a major event is gonna happen I think and stories will intertwine, thus requiring the other story… Nice review man.

Mike Irish says:

I found a ton of videos on the comic. You have to type in Transformers Comic book Review

Mike Irish says:

I love this guys wall! I did that when I was a kid with my death of Superman comics. Maybe my wife will let me do this with my New 52 books

cromda1 says:

interesting reviews on Transformers…good vid

SoAudrey says:

Art looks great, I was just never in to the Transformers.

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